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21 August 2015


There is a lot of confusion amongst Merchants when it comes to dealing with Affiliates who use search engines services such as Google Adwords to promote their Merchant program. Many Merchants are not even aware that it is possible for Affiliates to promote their program in this manner. This article will go through the various aspects of this method of online marketing and the issues that affect Merchants.

What is PPC Affiliate Advertising?

When an Affiliate joins your program with the intention of promoting you, they will be given access to code that enables clixGalore to track customers from their site through to your site and hopefully through to the end of sale page. Affiliates are able to take a part of this code and use it within PPC programs such as Google Adwords. For example, if you were to go to and type in a keyword such as "loans", you will see a lot of advertisements in the right hand column - that is the area that PPC marketers will use to advertise Merchant programs. They do this by bidding on search terms that search engine visitors type into the search engines - if their bid is high enough, their advertisement will be displayed in the right hand column and if somebody clicks on that add, they will pay Google for that click. If you would like to know the exact steps that Affiliates use to do this, then please view our Affiliate tutorial on this topic.

How does that affect me?

In general, the effect of Affiliates using a PPC campaign to promote your Merchant program is overwhelmingly positive. Professionally run PPC campaigns setup by knowledgeable individuals can cost companies into the tens of thousands of dollars per month to maintain. If you are lucky enough to have some of these marketers promoting your program then you are getting the service for free and only paying for sales produced from it.

In general, the traffic will be highly targeted and already searching for products related to your line when they arrive on your site. In our opinion, the quality of traffic generated by PPC advertising is amongst the best on the internet.

While in general it is a very positive thing to be promoted by PPC Affiliates, there are some issues that you may wish to consider.

If the Merchant is performing their own PPC marketing, then they may not wish other Affiliates to perform this activity as well. Merchant's may also not wish Affiliates to bid on certain keywords. If this is the case, these terms may be specified in your terms and conditions.

So How Do I Change My Terms And Conditions?

This is the easy part. Just log into your Merchant account and go to "Program Maintenance" > "Edit Merchant Programs / Banners" and then click on the name of your program. On the next page you will see a link that states "Set Affiliate Terms and Conditions for Merchant Program." Clicking on that link will bring up a popup window that allows you to set your terms and conditions.

If you already have a team of Affiliates, it is courtesy to let them know that you have changed your TOS. Just use our email functionality by logging into your account and going to "Email" > "Email Your Affiliates" and drop them a note explaining the changes.

After that, there is usually very little need to do anything. These PPC marketers will promote your products to your target audience according to your terms. Hopefully you will also be making a lot of sales!

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