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21 August 2015


There are so many statistics programs and tracking services on the internet that it is very difficult to keep up with who is tracking what. One slightly confusing issue that some Affiliates get caught up in is why exactly their statistics program or third party tracking records a different set of statistics to what they see in their clixGalore statistics tracking. This tutorial will take you through several of the reasons that explain the discrepancies between the tracking stats.

One of the most obvious reasons for the discrepancy between clixGalore stats and third party stats (such as a search engine PPC program) is that the anti-fraud measures for every company often differ slightly. A click that one company deems as valid, another company may not. clixGalore is quite strict in their definition of an invalid click. For example, clixGalore has in place a policy whereby a single IP can generate only one valid click per day (this is one of the measures put in place to prevent PPC fraudsters repeatedly clicking on an advertisement to generate fraudulent income). Many other third party statistic programs (including some search engine PPC programs) will count all clicks from a single IP at any time. This can obviously cause a discrepancy between clixGalore stats and third party stats.

Another common reason that statistics may differ is that many Merchants choose to geo-target the traffic they receive through their clixGalore program. That is to say that they will only accept and pay for traffic from a specific place (usually one country or group of countries where their product is applicable). Therefore only traffic from those countries will be counted in the statistics at clixGalore. If a third party tracking system is counting clicks from other countries then its statistics will obviously be larger. It is very important for Affiliates who are planning to promote Merchants using search engine PPC that they check where the Merchant is accepting traffic from as this can lead to some confusion.

Traffic statistics can also differ between clixGalore and a third party tracker if the Merchant's account balance has run out of funds. When a Merchant has a $0 balance in their clixGalore account, clixGalore will automatically redirect any traffic. While clixGalore don't count this traffic towards the statistics of the program, third party tracking programs will still count the visitors being sent. Thus, again there will be a discrepancy.

Another reason that statistics may differ is that sometimes a Merchant chooses to terminate a relationship with an Affiliate. If this happens and the third party tracking system (such as a search engines PPC campaign) continues, then there will be a difference in stats. The clixGalore system will stop counting visitors, but the third party system will not.

Now if you think something is amiss with the statistic tracking of your program and you are promoting a PPC Merchant then your first stop should be to use the Click Diagnostic Tool available from within the login area. Just go to "Affiliate Toolkit" and then "Click Program Diagnostics" in the popup sub-menu from the login area. Here you will be able to see the exact reasons for your clicks not being valid. Just select the program you wish to get a diagnosis for as well as the Merchant you are promoting.

options Select the options for the traffic you wish to diagnose.

The tool will give you a quick indication of where you are going wrong (or right).

diagnosis The report will tell you if and why the clicks are invalid.

The reasons mentioned for discrepancies in clicks here are the most common. Usually they are easily diagnosable by the Affiliate. The majority of the issues have fairly simple explanations though, as always, if you experience a problem you can always get in contact with Customer Care at clixGalore.

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