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21 August 2015


Using PPC Search Engines to Promote Merchants.

While the traditional and most popular way of promoting Merchant Programs is by building a website, many Affiliates also use other techniques. One of the most popular alternatives to websites is using pay per click search engines. This tutorial will take you through the basics of PPC search engine marketing and how you can promote clixGalore Merchants with PPC search engines.

Note: PPC Search Engine Marketing takes a lot of knowledge to do successfully. While many Affiliates make a good income from this method, there is also an outlay of money required and therefore the associated risk of losing that money. If you are not prepared to lose the money that you put into PPC search engine marketing then do not risk it!

The basic concept is that you will pay for clicks to the Merchant's website and if somebody buys something after clicking on the ad that you buy then you will get the commission. For this Tutorial we will focus on using **Google Adwords, though there are other alternatives that you may also like to try.

If you have ever done a search on Google you will have seen the little boxes in the right hand side of the page with "sponsored results" in them. These are Google Adwords Results. These links are basically purchased by advertisers who wanted their ad displayed when certain keywords are searched for. The higher the ad, the higher the bid for it.

The first thing you will have to do is sign up for a PPC account with a PPC search engine company. By far the most well known and heavily used PPC search engine is Google Adwords but the basic concepts in this tutorial will work for other PPC Search Engines. Go to AdWords to sign up for your account. Once you have signed up, you will need to start a new keyword targeted campaign.

You will need to make a decision about who you want to display your Adwords to - Google Adwords allows you to select by language, country and even city if you like. Make your decision based on the clixGalore Merchant program you choose to promote. For example it is unlikely you would get a lot of sales from China for a US bookstore, so you could safely exclude that country from your Adwords program.

When you come to designing the ad, you will be asked to put in the title, description, display URL and destination URL. The title and description will of course be to do with the product you have chosen to promote. How you describe it is up to you. The display URL will be the URL of the Merchant you are promoting (note that some Merchants do not allow you to use their URLs for PPC search engine marketing ¨C check their terms and conditions first). The next is the destination URL ¨C that is where you will need to place your affiliate URL from clixGalore.

Now open a new window and log into your clixGalore account. Join any sale or lead program that you wish. After you have joined the program, you will be emailed some code. The code will look like this:

<!--Begin clixGalore Code-->
<p align="center"> <a href="" ><img src="" border="0" height="468" width="60"></a>
<a href="" target="_new" ><img src="" border="0"></a>
<!-- End clixGalore Code -->

Using ONLY the code that has been emailed to you, locate the line of code similar to the line highlighted above. This is the line of code to use in Google Adwords destination URL. (ie)

phpcode You can get your code from this window. You will have to use the URL after <a href=" for it to work with adwords

When you have placed that save your settings and select all of the relevant keywords. Your ad will appear when somebody searches for these keywords in Google (if you have bid enough). Make sure these words are related to the product or company that you are promoting. The link that you used in the destination URL will ensure that you are credited with the sale!

Before starting an Adwords program, you will need to pay very close attention to a few things. Make sure that if you are promoting a Merchant that only accepts traffic from one (or a few specific) countries that you ONLY send traffic from those countries with your Adwords Program. Any other traffic will not be counted by clixGalore and will be a waste of your money. Also be aware that clixGalore will only count a single visitor once in a 24 hour period (this may differ from AdWords or other PPC companies). Please also note that if the balance of the Merchant is too low, and they are not able to pay their Affiliates then the clixGalore system will redirect the traffic. Again it would be a waste of your money to send traffic to a Merchant in this situation, so make sure you are comfortable with the Merchant (note that you can set up your account to send you an automatic email when Merchants that you are promoting have a low balance). Any of these scenarios could also lead to the confusion of your clixGalore statistics differing from your PPC program statistics.

Once these factors have been accounted for, many Affiliates find that they can successfully promote clixGalore Merchants with these programs.

Good luck.

**Please note Google Adwords is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

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