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21 August 2015


Attracting Super Affiliates to your Affiliate program should be the goal of every Merchant who is serious about making money through having an online Affiliate program. However, this is easier said than done. There are a lot of factors that Super Affiliates will take into account before they decide to promote your company online. One of the largest factors is the issue of "traffic leakage." But what exactly is "traffic leakage" and how do you stop it happening on your site so you can attract the most successful Affiliates to promote your program? If you can master this basic tutorial then you will have gone a long way towards helping your program attract the help of the much sought-after "Super Affiliates." Read on!

So what exactly is "traffic leakage?" The term refers to any facet of a commercial website that allows traffic to leave the page without making a direct purchase. Most usually this is in the form of links to other websites. Many websites have links to other sites that might be of interest to their web users. Some even have a page of "link partners" with whom they have reciprocal links. Some even have links to other sites on every page. By placing these links on an ecommerce site that is designed to sell a product or service you are allowing traffic to leak away - thus explaining the term "traffic leakage." A particularly disliked form of traffic leakage is when Merchants place their own Affiliate links on their site in the hopes of making profits both as a Merchant and as someone else's Affiliate. The final form of traffic leakage is providing a phone number (especially one that is displayed prominently on your site) that can be used by web visitors to call and make a purchase directly.

So why is that a problem for Affiliates? The problem with a Merchant site doing any of these things should be obvious enough from an Affiliate's point of view. It stops Affiliates from getting a commission! By allowing traffic leakage on your site you are effectively depriving your Affiliates of the best possible chance of making a sale for you. If you have your own Affiliate links on your site then you are using traffic that they have driven but not rewarding them. As such, a super Affiliate will not promote your site.

So what should I do? The main rule to go by is to minimize outgoing links from your site. You should try to "trap" potential customers on your site so as to make it as likely as possible that the action they take is to purchase something from your online store. Have your own Affiliate links on the site is a BIG mistake and will certainly ensure that no Super Affiliate will promote you. The other thing you should consider doing is minimizing the prevalence of your phone number. This may seem counter-intuitive but having a Super Affiliate promoting you will almost certainly more than make up for any sales you may lose in doing that.

In short you have to create the best opportunity for Affiliates to make a commission by designing your site in a way in which the potential customer's most logical choice would be to buy your products from your site. If you follow that advice then it might just help your program attract Super Affiliates or stop you losing them!

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