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21 August 2015


Have you ever heard of the 90 - 10 rule? It basically states that 10% of your Affiliates will make 90% of your sales. Some people even think it is closer to 95 - 5. Either way, it is very likely that a small amount of your Affiliates will carry the bulk of the weight when it comes to making sales for your Merchant program. If they were an offline sales force, most companies would nurture these elite salespeople. You might like to consider doing the same.

clixGalore offers many tools to help you improve your relationship with your best Affiliates (or even your average ones if you want to!). There are a few of these tools that you should probably become familiar with, if you wish to get the most out of your online sales team and your program in general. This tutorial will take you through using the sales targets functionality to reward only those Affiliates you feel warrant it. This could be due to their excellent performance or because you want to give them some extra encouragement to perform better. It's really up to you.

What are Sales Targets? Well, as the name suggests a sales target is an amount that you would like to see your salesperson or Affiliate achieve in a set period of time. As in the offline sales world, setting sales targets for your Affiliate program usually requires offering some type of reward if that target is met. In the case of clixGalore the reward can be set as a cash amount to pay out or an increased commission for any further sales that the Affiliate might make. Here's how to set up these systems:

First you will need to log into your Merchant account at which will take you to the Member Home area. In the Merchant Programs menu, click on "Sales Target Incentive, Recurring, Bonus Commission" and then on "Set Sales Target Incentives and Bonus Scheme" in the popup sub menu. The next page is where you will set up your Sales Targets and the reward.

Select your program from the drop down menu at the top of the page. Next you will have to choose how long you want to base the commission on. If you would like it to be a monthly target then set it to monthly. If you would like to offer the bonus whenever the Affiliate happens to reach it then select "Since Affiliate Joined." Both of these choices are offered in the "Period to Base Commission On" drop down menu.

commission-time Set the parameters of your Sales Target scheme.

Next you will have to select what you want to base the target on. Will it be the actual number of sales generated? Or will it be the value of those sales. Either of these options are available in the "Commission Type" drop down menu. (You can also select if you would like an email summary sent to your of bonus commissions paid each month).

(If you select an increase in the % commission, and also chose to pay the bonus for the life of the Affiliate then Affiliates that reach your target will remain at the increased commission from that point forward).

In the next table you can set the target along with the reward. You can either raise the commission rate (just type in the new rate) or select a dollar amount to give to the Affiliate. You can also do both by selecting both an increase in commission and a cash bonus.

targetss Give your Affiliates something to aim for.

Finally, you can select to apply your new Sales Target scheme to only one or a few Affiliates. Just click on the "Add" link next to the Affiliate name in the bottom table.

add-affiliate Add all or only some of your Affiliates to the bonus scheme.

While there is certainly no requirement to do any of this for your Affiliates, it might be a good idea for many Merchants to consider setting targets. In fact most of the top performing Merchant programs on the clixGalore network have all instituted generous sales target programs for at least some of their Affiliates.

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