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21 August 2015


One of the great things about doing business on the internet is that you can easily reach a wide, international market. Having your products and services promoted in foreign countries is a great way to increase the volume of your sales. In order to do that with Affiliate marketing, it is good practice to ensure that foreign Affiliates are promoting your program in their own countries. Luckily, there is a way to make this happen with clixGalore.

clixGalore has several international networks, each with a corresponding large Affiliate base who often specialize in marketing within their own geographic region. These include the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and India. In addition, there are also major expatriate communities that specialize in marketing local Merchants to their home countries or vice versa. An example of this would be our many American Affiliates living in Europe, or our many Australian and New Zealand Affiliates living in the UK, of which both groups generate a lot of business for clixGalore's Merchants. Remember that there are also a lot of super Affiliates across the respective country networks.

programstats Our Different International Program Options.

In order to reach these potential Affiliates, outside of your immediate geographic area, an idea you may wish to consider is opening additional programs that allow that wider base of Affiliates to be paid in their local currencies. That way you can have the widest possible base of Affiliates promoting your program and making you sales. This is even possible if your website only accepts transactions in a single currency!

Your website does not require any additions other than to place the end of transaction code from each country network, a job that takes an experienced webmaster about five minutes. If you would like clixGalore to simply duplicate your current program for another currency, just send an email to customercare [at] and they will set it up for you using all of the settings and entire content of your current program. Therefore setting up your new international programs requires a minimum of fuss. clixGalore even offers a free service to implement this code on your website.

clixGalore also takes care of the currency conversion issues for you. That is to say, that if you offer products on your own site in US$ and offer a 10% commission to Affiliates and an Australian Affiliate is promoting you, then clixGalore will take that 10% of the US$ sale amount and convert in into Australian dollars for the Affiliate to be paid. Your program will also be promoted as a US$ program to US Affiliates and an AU$ program to Australian Affiliates (for example).

If you build a program in your local currency, and then elect to build an additional program in a foreign currency (or currencies) then each of your new foreign currency programs will receive a 50% discount off the program level matching your original program. For example, if you have a US currency Corporate Platinum program (costing $745), you can build a UK currency program at the Corporate Platinum level for UK£350 Pounds (RRP UK£700), being a saving of UK£350. This gives you a potential saving of thousands of dollars (depending on how many foreign currency programs you elect to create).

The way to go about building your new international Affiliate presence is quite simple. Just log into your account and go to "Program Maintenance" then to "Build a New / Additional Merchant Program" in the popup sub-menu. Just build your new program/s at the Bronze level and then drop us an email and we will give you the complementary upgrade to your current level. We can also clone your current site settings for you.

After that you will be well positioned to begin making international sales. You will also be promoted to Affiliates in our international network.

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