Using clixGalore Affiliate Marketing
Why Is My Traffic Being Redirected?
By Rob Wood
Thu, 15 Dec 2005, 23:41:00

When an Affiliate has spent a lot of time planning and executing a strategy to drive traffic to a Merchant's program it can be very frustrating when the traffic doesn't get there. On the part of the Affiliate it costs time and money and on the part of the Merchant in can cost sales. The situation is best avoided if at all possible for the benefit of all parties concerned. What exactly are the reasons that traffic can be redirected and what can Affiliates do about it? Read on!

First to the reasons why your traffic is being redirected. When this happens, people who click on your Affiliate links will be taken to a page of clixGalore explaining that they cannot be directed to the page they were hoping to visit. The possible reasons for the rejection are listed on the page. Either the Merchant does not have enough funds in their clixGalore account to pay for the traffic or potential commissions or the Merchant has elected not to receive Affiliate traffic from the geographical location of the visitor.

If the Merchant doesn't have enough funds in their account, then you can rest assured that they have been informed of the situation and will continue to be informed of the situation until the problem is rectified. In the meantime there really isn't much that you or clixGalore can do. It is simply a matter of waiting for the Merchant to redeposit more funds into their account so that their Affiliates can be paid. As a matter of course, many Affiliates will refuse to join the programs of Merchants who do not have their "Auto Redeposit" and "Pending Redeposit" features turned on (if both are turned on then their will always be enough funds in their account to pay their affiliates - even for large orders). This information can be viewed when a search is for the Merchant. (Just go to "Search Merchant Programs to Join" in the main menu.) On the search page, you can click on the name of the program and the setting for Auto Redeposit is displayed to let Affiliates know if the Merchant has that feature turned on or not.

If your traffic is being redirected due to the Merchant not accepting traffic from a geographical location then once again there is not much you can do. Many Merchants have no use for traffic from certain countries. This is especially true in the case of PPC and PPL programs.

If you are signed to a PPC program and wish to know the exact reason that your clicks are being counted as invalid then you should use the click diagnostic tool. This tool allows you to see if traffic will be accepted to a Merchant's program and if not then why not. Just go to "Affiliate Toolkit" in the menu and then "Affiliate Program Diagnostics" in the popup sub-menu. On the next page you will be able to select the Merchant program you wish to make a check of as well as the IP address from which you wish to send traffic (leave this option as it is if you wish to send traffic from the same geographical location as yourself). If the clicks are not being accepted then you will know the exact reason for the rejection.

In truth, the best way to avoid having your traffic redirected is to research a program before you join it. Does the Merchant accept traffic from your country? Do they also have their Auto-Redeposit and pending redeposit features turned on? If the answer is yes to these questions then you should have no problems.

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