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2Tier Programs - Some Tips on Promotion
Fri, 20 Sep 2013, 09:00:00

Helping other Affiliates make money by joining clixGalore and promoting certain Merchants is a way in which a lot of Affiliates make an extra level of income. Joining 2Tier Programs and helping people promote those programs is a way in which you can supplement your own Affiliate marketing income with residual profits from their success.

What is a 2Tier Program?

A 2Tier program is basically where you refer other Affiliates to a Merchant program. In return, that Merchant will give you a set percentage of the Affiliate earnings of those Affiliates you refer to that program (in addition to what they pay those Affiliates). If you'd like to know a little bit more about this, feel free to view our tutorial on 2 Tier Affiliate Programs.

How do I find 2Tier Programs?

This is the easy part. Just log into your Affiliate account at clixGalore and go to "Join Merchant Program" > "Search 2Tier Programs to Join" and you will be presented with all of the clixGalore Merchants who offer 2Tier programs and how much they are offering in commission.

So what next?

After you have joined a 2Tier program, the next thing you will need to do is to get other Affiliates to join the program via your links. There are several ways of doing this, many of which are just a variation of other Affiliate marketing techniques that we have covered before.

In addition to letting people know about the program, the core of your strategy should be to ADD VALUE!

One way to get people to join through your link, is to add value by making it easy for your second tier Affiliates to promote the Merchant. This requires doing a little bit of work, but would work well if you have a well trafficked blog or website. There are several offers you could make to your potential second tier Affiliates.

For starters you could offer them lists of keywords related to the Merchant or product that your second tier Affiliates could use to promote that Merchant in Google Adwords or other PPC engines. As an addendum to that, you could even write several ads for PPC marketing that your second tier Affiliates could use with those keywords.

If you are handy with HTML, you could offer them HTML templates with information about the Merchant or specific products that they could use as their own website. If the Merchant offers a datafeed then you could integrate the datafeed into the templates.

Again, if the Merchant offers a datafeed, then you could also offer preformatted datafeeds. That is you could alter the datafeed into HTML for your Affiliates so that the less tech savvy could easily use it for blogging or other non technical uses.

Another way to add value to persuade people to join a program through your link would be to write promotional material for the Merchant. That is, if the Affiliate joins through your link, then you could allow them to use promotional material (such as articles) that you have developed.

The key to second tier Affiliate marketing is much the same as normal Affiliate marketing. That is, you have to add value to the product and make it worthwhile for people to take the action that you want them to take.

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