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Ongoing Income - Recurring and Repeat Commissions
By Rob Wood
Wed, 23 Nov 2005, 17:05:00

Successful Affiliates are in this game for the long term. As such they want to maximise their long term income and make things as easy as possible on themselves. One thing that successful long term Affiliates seem to have in common is that they LOVE Merchant programs that offer either recurring commissions or repeat commissions. By promoting programs that have repeat or recurring commission structures, Affiliates are able to establish a future income for themselves that requires no further work other than sending the paying customer to the Merchant in the first place. This article will take you through the basics of what these two options mean to Affiliates and how to get started promoting these types of programs.

Repeat Commission - this is where a Merchant offers to pay commission to the Affiliate for ALL sales made within the cookie expiry period. If the cookie expiry period is set to 90 days and the customer makes 4 purchases within that time frame (after initially being sent by the Affiliate) then the Affiliate will receive commission on all four of those sales.

This is great news for several reasons. For starters it means that the Affiliate only has to send the customer to the Merchant's website one time but will be paid for all subsequent sales within the cookie expiry period. Most Affiliates know how difficult it is to send a paying customer to a Merchant's site once, let alone several times, so this will really make the Affiliates life much easier.

To view which Merchant programs offer Repeat Commissions, just do a search in the normal way for programs to join. (Login and go to "Join Merchant Programs" > "Search Merchant Programs to Join." In the list of Merchant programs that are displayed for your search, look in the column marked "Cookie Expiry Period." For Merchants that have a repeat commission set up you will be able to see the message "Repeat Commission" as well as the number of days for the cookie expiry period.

Recurring Commission ĘC this is usually used by subscription service Merchants such as web hosts or newsletter subscriptions. It is when the Merchant pays a percentage of the monthly (usually) subscription fee to the Affiliate who first sent their customer. For each subscription payment that the customer pays, the Affiliate earns an extra commission until the customer ceases being subscribed to that service.

Some Affiliates are STILL earning commissions for customers they sent to Merchant's websites YEARS ago. They quite literally have to do nothing else after that customer signs up, but continue to collect a commission for the duration that the customer continues to pay their subscription fee. This way some Affiliates manage to build up a substantial independent income that doesn't require any extra work! This is a very powerful income strategy that is often overlooked by new Affiliate marketers.

If you wish to find only Merchants that offer recurring commissions then clixGalore also has this search functionality set up for you. Just login and go to "Join Merchant Programs" > "Search Merchant Programs to Join." In the list of Merchants for your search you will be able to see the Merchants who offer recurring commissions.

These two elements of Merchant programs are a very powerful way for Affiliate marketers to build a residual income from their efforts. In fact some Affiliates will only promote Merchants with recurring or repeat commissions. It is certainly something to think about when selecting which Merchants you want to start promoting.

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