Improving Your Results
Promoting Your Instant Website with Links
By Rob Wood
Wed, 5 Oct 2005, 01:43:00

Ok, so you've used the great software from clixGalore to automatically build yourself a fully functional website with built in affiliate links to ensure that you get paid. You¡¯ve uploaded your site to its domain so everyone on the internet can see it. What next? This tutorial will take you through a basic strategy for getting people to visit your website via link building.

One of the most important ways to get traffic to your site is by getting a lot of other sites to link to you. This is no easy matter though and takes quite a bit of work. There are several ways you can go about getting links to your site.

Using the Instant Website Builder is only the beginning. Now go and get some links!

People willing to do link exchanges with you will be your best source of links. That means that you will need a page on your site returning the favour by linking back to them. There are several ways to find link exchange partners. The first is by using Google! Just type in the subject of your site and "reciprocal link." For example if your site is about coffee grinders, just go to Google and type in - coffee "reciprocal link." Be sure to put the "" around "reciprocal link". Each of the pages that shows up will be related to your area and probably also looking for link partners. Often they will even have a form to help with exchanging links with their site. Get to work! Start filling out as many requests as you can to get these sites linking to yours. You should probably aim for a minimum of 20 sites linking to you, but the most successful sites have many, many more.

Another source of links will be found at various websites that have been set up to help people in your exact position. These are almost always membership sites, but many are free. Some examples include and - these sites will require you to sign up with details of your own website and your email address etc. Then you will be able to search their database of sites of other webmasters who are actively looking to exchange links. It is best to get websites as closely related to your own as possible, though you should remember that almost any link is better than none. Other webmasters will probably also contact you on these sites asking for links. Join a couple of these types of sites to maximise your link exchanging potential.

Another way to get incoming links is to buy them! Many webmasters with websites monetise those sites by selling text links to people like you. Websites such as and are a good place to start purchasing such links. Usually the price is dependent on the traffic to the site as well as its popularity as measured by Google Page Rank (PR). PR is a measurement out of 10 with 10 being the highest. (clixGalore has about PR 7 or sometimes PR 8). You can instantly see the PR of a site by downloading the Google Tool Bar from Beware - buying links can get expensive and if you choose this method it will usually cost you a monthly fee to keep the link - stop paying and your site will no longer have the benefits of that link. The strategy of buying text links should therefore be used with great caution.

Another way to get a few links back to your site is buy posting in forums. Most webmasters don¡¯t mind posters have a "signature" at the bottom of each post that they make on a forum. This is where many people put a link to their own site. Make sure that you don't spam board with commercial solicitations or you may be banned from the forum and maybe even from clixGalore! Be helpful in other people's enquiries and you should get a steady stream of visitors. To find forums dedicated to your site's topic, simply go to Google and type in the topic and "forum." This should give you a range of forums dedicated to that topic in which you could post.

Getting links is not a one off effort. Getting a few back links every week should be in the diary of every webmaster and over time your website will grow and get more and more visitors. That way you give yourself the best chance of making a reasonable income from your clixGalore Affiliate site.

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