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Link Popularity
By Rob Wood
Tue, 31 Jan 2006, 23:47:00

Many Merchants are keen to get the maximum benefit from their Affiliate program - and fairly so. This includes gaining some search engine benefits from having Affiliates link to their site. clixGalore has recently released functionality that allows Merchants to gain in the search engines as part of their regular Affiliate program through the use of link popularity functionality.

What is Link Popularity and why is it Important?

Link Popularity, as the name suggests is a measure of the popularity of your website as judged by the amount of links pointing to it. The more people who have links pointing towards your website, the better it is for you.

The reason for this is that many of the major search engines assess link popularity as a measure of the importance of a website and accord websites with higher link popularity a better position in their search results. It is best to have links pointing to your website from many different websites with differing IP addresses. (Link popularity also helps your Google Page Rank).

It must be said however, that the algorithms of the search engines are all different and always changing so it is impossible to know or guarantee the exact benefit of this strategy over the long term.

For Merchants who want their website to receive organic search traffic from the major search engines, gaining extra link popularity can be a full time job. Emailing other webmasters to ask for links, submitting to directories as well as writing articles in your product area have been the main ways that website owners have increased their own link popularity. Unfortunately those activities also take quite a bit of time.

How Can clixGalore help?

With the new functionality, clixGalore can help your Merchant site get the search engine benefit of linking that until now was lost due to the style of the Affiliate link.

Now the affiliate link can include your URL specifically so that the search engines can follow it and pass on the benefit.

Here are the instructions for making sure that you are using the link popularity function for your site.

Step 1) Log into your Merchant account.
Step 2) Select "Program Maintenance" from the Merchant Programs Menu.
Step 3) Select "Edit Merchant Program / Banners" from the popup sub-menu.
Step 4) Click on the name of the site in the "Site Information" column.
Step 5) Type in your URL in the "Link Popularity" text box.
Step 6) Press the "Save Details" button.

In step 5, make sure you type in page of your site that you want to benefit from link popularity.

Once you have done that, every Affiliate who joins your program and links to you should be passing you a little link popularity!

Hopefully, over time you will see a little corresponding improvement in your search engine results too.

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