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Using the Instant Website Builder
By Rob Wood
Fri, 16 Sep 2005, 00:27:00

Affiliates: How to Use the Instant Website Builder

A great time saving feature that clixGalore offers for free to all of its Affiliates is the Instant Website Builder. As the name suggests, you can use this tool to build a website in order to promote clixGalore Merchants. The information on the website will be made up of the merchants and products that you specify in the setup stage.

To get started with the Instant Website Builder, first log into your Affiliate account. You will notice in the Affiliate Programs Menu an item that says "Instant Website Builder." Click on it. On the next page, be sure to select your relevant Affiliate program from the drop down menu. Then you can get started on the format of the pages you want.

In the first table you have the option of "No Category Grouping", "Group By Category" and "Group By SubCategory." If you choose the first option - "No Category Grouping" then your web page will show the products in random order. If you choose the second category - "Group By Category," then the products will be grouped according to their overall type. If you select the last option - "Group By SubCategory" then the products will be further divided on your pages into their sub-categories. When you have decided on which option you would prefer for your pages, you can move onto the next section.

Choose how the catalogue is displayed to your visitors.

If you only want products with images, then you will need to check the box next to "Only Include Merchant Products Which Have Images." You are also given the option to include only products that are listed as being on sale by their Merchants. This can be useful if you are trying to build a website for people who are looking for bargains. Next select the number of products on each page and the amount of columns those products should be displayed in.

The appearance of your page can be set in the next table. Select the font and the font size for the text on your pages. Next you will need to select all of the colours on your page. The colours are shown in their html colour code. If you are not sure about what the code is for the colour you like, then you can find a list on the internet. Some popular colour code reference sites are Web Monkey" and also HTML Color Codes You can then preview the page you have made by clicking on the "Preview Page Formatting Settings" button. When you are happy with the appearance of the pages you have created click "Next."

Change the layout colours here.

On the next page you will see a text box with the names of Merchants you have joined who offer datafeeds for the Instant Website Builder. Click on the Merchant you would like to use for these web pages. If there is more than one Merchant you would like to promote then hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and use your mouse to left click on all of the Merchants. When you are done, press the "Generate HTML Pages" button. Now you will have to wait up to 90 minutes for the system to generate your pages, zip them and email them to you.

This list shows the Merchants you are signed to who are offering datafeeds for the Instant Website Builder.

Log into the email account that you registered with clixGalore. Within 90 minutes there should be a zipped file in an email from clixGalore. This file will contain the web pages that you created in the previous steps. (Note: In order to unzip the files, you will need a program like WinZip which is downloadable for free from Double click on the zipped file that is in your email and it should automatically unzip the file. You will have the html pages that you built!

What now? Well now, you will have to upload the files to a website so that people can view them. To do this you will need to register a website (some people use free hosts, but all serious website Affiliate marketers will pay for a name and hosting.). A popular and cheap web host is In order to upload your website you will need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program such as CoffeeCup Free FTP which is also available for free from Just follow the instruction that are used by your FTP program to upload your site! Then you are done!

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