Improving Your Results
How to Improve Your Results
By Rob Wood
Thu, 8 Dec 2005, 23:27:00

Any good business will always be looking to squeeze that extra bit out of their online performance. Your Affiliate program should be no different. There are many things you might like to think about with regards to improving the performance of your Affiliate program. This tutorial will take you through the most obvious things that you can do to make sure you are getting the maximum amount of sales.

Your Affiliate program is nothing without Affiliates. Merchants are well advised to cultivate a quality group of Affiliates promoting their program. In essence, this means two things ?ensuring that your Merchant program is attractive to as many Affiliates as possible and then making sure as many Affiliate as possible know about your program. This means telling them about it.

The first thing to think about is making sure your Affiliate program is competitive with other Affiliate programs in your niche. Ensuring that your program is of a high quality so that Affiliates will be attracted to join it should be covered during the planning phase of your program. There are many things you can do to ensure your program is attractive to the best Affiliates ?if you need to go over these elements then you should read the tutorial on Attracting Top Affiliates.

One thing you could think about doing to improve your results is providing your Affiliates with as many tools as you can for them to promote you with. For starters you should have a large selection of banners and text links available to your Affiliates. Many of them will very picky in what type of banners they place on their websites so try to give them what they want. Lots of different size banners with different styles is good. Try to have a variety of animated and static banners also. Differing colours and designs will ensure that there is a good chance the Affiliate will find something they would be happy to have on their website. Having banners that would look good on their sites will make your program more attractive to some Affiliates.

Merchants should also seriously consider offering a data feed (also known as a product catalog). A data feed is a file that has all of the information about your products in it, such as product name, a graphic URL, description and an Affiliate link. It can be used by more advanced Affiliates to promote your site and products. In fact some Affiliates will only join Merchant programs when there is a data feed available. Having a data feed can really progress your program in being picked up by the more advanced Affiliates and is worth serious consideration.

Offering 2-tier commissions can also attract Affiliates to your program. In fact it should lead to Affiliates promoting your program to other Affiliates and increase your pool of online marketers. Your first tier Affiliates will have the chance to make a small commission every time one of the Affiliates they referred to your program makes a sale. This will help news of your program spread through the Affilate community.

In addition to your in-program aspects, you should consider how you are promoting your program to Affiliates. Making sure that your program is marketed in a way that ensures it gets in front of as many Affiliates as possible will also help you to build your pool of online marketers. When you sign up and activate your clixGalore account, your program will be listed on the front page of clixGalore for a while. That is a good start. It will also be permanently listed in the search area when Affiliates are searching for programs. But if you really make it easy for Affiliates to find out about you then you will start seeing an increasing number join your program. clixGalore sends out regular newsletters alerting Affiliates to new programs as well as programs in their category that they might be interested in. This can really help kick-start your Affiliate pool. To get the most out of the clixGalore lists you will need to be a Platinum Merchant though Gold and Silver Merchants also receive varying degrees of promotion in this fashion. The fact is that the higher your program level, the more Affiliates will see your program and the more are likely to join.

In addition to this, Gold level and above Merchants have access to a tool which enables them to submit recruitment requests to clixGalore to recruit potential Affiliates to their program. This is a powerful feature for promoting a Merchant program and building a good base of Affiliates.

You may also like to do a little of your own research and recruiting of Affiliates. How would people find your site in a search engine? Now type those words into Google and look at the top 10 sites. If you like what you see, then donít be shy about contacting the owners of those sites to see if they would like to be a part of your Affiliate program through clixGalore. Do that for a few different keywords and you will probably find a couple of sites who would be interested in being your Affiliate.

With your Affiliate program, you are in total control of its success. If you make the program settings as attractive as possible to potential Affiliates and then actively seek to recruit those Affiliates then you will be giving your program the best chance of making a lot of sales. Hopefully you have a few ideas to work on from this article!

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