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How Does the clixGalore Affiliate Marketing Banner & Text Linking Code Work?
Fri, 20 Sep 2013, 09:00:00

Many people ask about different ways to chop and change clixGalore code. Well, to do this without messing things up and losing commissions, you need to understand what each piece of the code actually does. This article will take you through the functions of each part of the clixGalore banner linking code. Armed with that knowledge, intermediate to advanced users should be able to customise it to suit their own purposes.

Banner Linking Code

To retrieve the banner linking code, just log into your Affiliate account and go to "Get Banner Linking Code / Deep Linking" then click on "View Tracking Code" for the banner you want to use. You will then see a text box with code that looks something like this:

For banner code, only the figures in red should ever look different.

The banner linking code above will display this banner on your site with the link included.

Now the opening tag that contains "Begin clixGalore Code" is simply a marker - it doesn't actually do anything other than let coders know where clixGalore code begins.

The first piece of the code that is of interest is the part after the a href:

This is the link that your banner will direct a visitor to. It will go to clixGalore's server, which will then redirect the visitor to the relevant Merchant website.

There are a few parts of that link that you might want to know about.

For starters, BID=21632. BID stands for Banner ID. That let's clixGalore know which banner is being clicked on.

AfID=92892 refers to the Affiliate ID. That let's us know who you (the Affiliate) are.

AdID=3351 refers to Advertiser ID which let's us know which Merchant you are promoting.

Those are the three things that change depending on the banner, the advertiser and the Affiliate. This is also the URL that you could use to direct people directly to a Merchant while ensuring you get paid a commission if they buy something.

The piece of code after that URL is also important.

OnMouseOver="javascript:window.status='';return true;

This hides the URL from your visitors when they roll their mouse pointer over the banner. Many Affiliates report up to a 20% increase in sales due to this little part of the code being left undisturbed.

The next part of the code that is important is the part that actually displays the banner on your site:

img src="" border="0" height="38" width="150"

This piece of code enables clixGalore to locate the image file of the banner and pass it to your site.

The code after this point is less important. In fact most of it is a legacy of clixGalore's earlier system. While it need not concern Affiliates at the moment, our development team have plans to use it in further business development.

Then there are the closing tags - "End clixGalore Code" again which are just markers for the sake of coders who are browsing the code.

Text Linking Code

Your text linking code will look something like this:

An example of the code for text. Only the red figures will change.

As you can see, it is very similar to the banner linking code.

You will notice that, although this code displays only a text link on your website, there is also an image in it served by this line of code:

img src="

The purpose of this line is to call a small invisible file from the clixGalore servers which enables the clixGalore system to record an impression.

The most important part of the code is the link to your Merchant with the corresponding Banner ID (in this case use to identify a specific text link), the Affiliate ID and the Advertiser ID.

A href="

Other than that, there really isn't a lot to the text linking code that differs from the banner linking code!

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what each part of the code does!

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