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How Do I Close a Program?
By Rob Wood
Thu, 25 Aug 2005, 22:55:00

How Do I Close My Program?

It occasionally happens that a Merchant wants to close their program. This can be for varying reasons - we've even had people wanting to close their program because it was generating too many sales!?! However, there are a few things to think about before you close your program. This tutorial will take you through the things you should consider before you opt to take this route as well as the actual practicalities of closing your Merchant program.

The first and most important thing to think about when you a considering closing your program is your Affiliates. Many of them will have spent a lot of time setting up links and sites to promote your program and many others will have invested considerable amounts of money for the same purpose. To pull the rug out from under them by simply closing your program, besides being extremely rude, will also damage your reputation on the internet. If you close your program without any warning you will also risk any future Affiliate program you wish to establish as these Affiliates will not happily join you again. You should also note that the most successful Affiliates always research potential Merchants and if you have a bad reputation then it will spread through the Affiliate community.

So what should you do? The first thing is to plan in advance. You should give your Affiliate a warning that you are preparing to close your program in advance - preferably several weeks. This will allow them time to change their own websites and wind up their own marketing efforts that they were undertaking on your behalf. Use the "Email" function in the main menu of the login area to do this. Then just go to "Email Your Affiliates" in the popup submenu.

If you just need to put your Affiliate program on hold and plan to restart it in the future you will need to think very carefully. Is it worth risking alienating your Affiliates? Many may become disgruntled and just leave your program altogether and never return. It is certainly something to think about. In fact it is highly advisable not to take this path. If you would just like to slow down traffic and orders, then this can be negotiated with your Affiliates, but closing altogether can have very permanent and negative consequences.

So what exactly are the practicalities of closing a program? Well, basically you need to email the customer care team at clixGalore and let them know that you want to shut your program. There is a $35 fee that they will take out of your remaining balance or charge to your card and then, if there is any balance left, it will be refunded to your card.

As with any element of your Affiliate program, you need to plan this well. Closing your program is a gesture that will have long lasting effects on your Affiliates and your own online reputation and needs to be handled with tact. Our constant advice of "treat Affiliates as you would treat an offline sales force" is especially applicable to this situation. If you follow the advice in this article then you will be able to escape the worst consequences.

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