Improving Your Results
Helping Your Affiliates Promote Your Online Business
By Rob Wood
Fri, 20 Sep 2013, 08:00:00

Once you have set up your Merchant program, there are many ways that you can help your new Affiliates market your products. In fact, the tools that you can provide your Affiliates are really limited only by your imagination. Here are a few ideas if you want to really make sure that your Affiliates have the best chance of making you sales.

Firstly, it should be stated that there are many tools from within your Merchant account that you can use to help your Affiliates, most of which have been mentioned before on this site. If you are not familiar with how to provide a datafeed to your affiliates or how to upload lots of new banners for their use then you would be well advised to revisit those topics first. If you would like to go above and beyond those tools, then read on!

Provide Marketing Material

The basic notion for helping your Affiliates succeed is based on providing them with material that they can use to market your services and products through their own efforts. This is actually a lot easier than you might think - it just involves a little bit of forethought and work.

Product Reviews

One thing that all Affiliates eagerly hunger for is content for their own websites. This gives you a prime opportunity to get your message in front of countless customers with the exact message you wish to be sending about your business and products. By offering articles and reviews of your product range or individual products, you are giving your Affiliates a powerful tool that they can use on their own sites to promote those products. If you can provide various images of the product as well as the written content, then even better!

Service Reviews

That same logic also applies if you offer some type of service. Writing reviews of what you do and successes that your customers have had is a great way to offer your Affiliates the content that they are after. By writing the content for them you retain general control over the message that your Affiliates are using to promote you as well as increasing the chance that many more will pick up your program.

Keyword Lists

A lot of Affiliates will promote your Merchant program by building a specific website or by using a paid search service. In order to do this effectively, they will often spend many hours (and sometimes days) compiling lists of keywords that they can target in the search engines. These keywords are an integral part of online Affiliate marketing, but it is a very laborious process developing these lists - in fact some Affiliates regard it as the most boring part of their job. If you have a little spare time, and you can sit down and develop a list (or lists) of keywords related to your products or services, Affiliates will find your program more attractive because you have removed one of the tasks that they hate doing. Offering a keyword list or two will also help your current Affiliates quite a lot in marketing your site.

Adwords Ad suggestions

A lot of Affiliates will go about marketing your program via paid search services such as Google Adwords. This type of marketing provides very good traffic for your site. In fact, it is so good that you will probably want to encourage more Affiliates to try it. An idea to nudge them in that direction is to write a few ads that they could use. This, in combination with your keyword lists could generate you a lot of targeted traffic that your Affiliates are paying for.

These are just a couple of basic ideas that you could use to make life a little easier for your Affiliates. This would be appreciated by your current Affiliates and would also encourage new Affiliates to join your program. It would also most probably result in quite a few extra sales for your site.

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