Improving Your Results
Finding Relevant Merchants and Products
By Rob Wood
Tue, 21 Feb 2006, 23:30:00

Finding relevant Merchants is one of the keys to having a successful program. This tutorial will take you through why it is important to find relevant Merchants and how you can use the tools in the clixGalore inventory to find them and increase your sales.

Every successful Affiliate with a website shows only relevant advertising that will appeal to the visitors to that website. Having irrelevant links and advertisements on your website drastically decreases your chances of making Affiliate sales and earning a commission. As we have said before, a site about rugby will not make many Affiliate sales promoting a Merchant program for ballet dresses.

For starters you will need to join relevant Merchants. If the Merchant has products that would be of interest to the demographic of your own website, then you are going to make more sales. To refine things a bit further, you should check to see the banners that the Merchant is offering. Again, if the banners reflect the subject of the site you are going to put them on, then you will enjoy an improved click-through-rate (CTR). The same thing goes for text links - if they are relevant to the content of the site and the page, then users are far more likely to click on them.

But how do you go about finding relevant Merchants?

The search function of clixGalore allows you to find relevant Merchants in several different ways. If you log in and go to "Join Merchant Programs" > "Search Merchant Programs to Join" you are taken to the main search page for finding Merchants. Using that form, you are able to search for Merchants in several ways - the most important of these ways if you are looking for relevant Merchants for your website would be the keyword search. Type in a keyword relevant to your website and you should be returned a list of Merchants who would be suitable.

Of course, you can also refine this search further. You can search for Merchants matching your keyword as well as the type of program they offer (%Sale, per sale, per lead etc). You can also use the various options to only return Merchants with certain payment characteristics such as recurring or repeat commissions. And there is also a function to return Merchants who offer banners of certain dimensions - a handy tool if you have a set space on your site that you are trying to fill.

What about relevant products?

If you want to refine the offers you make to your site visitors even further, you might like to consider offering specific products and perhaps even a deep link to those products. Affiliate who do this usually find that their CTR goes up the more specifically relevant the link is to the page.

To find products that are relevant to your site or specific page of your site, you can use the product search tool. Just log into your account and go to "Join Merchant Programs" > "Search For Specific Merchant Products / Product Deep Link"

On the next search page, you can specify the types of products you are looking for. You can further refine your search to display only products with images, a certain brand name or within certain categories. Displaying the most relevant items, once again, will help increase your CTR and give you the best possible chance of offering your website visitors something that they are specifically interested in.

Utilising the tools mentioned in this article can help you gain better results from your affiliate program. Offering site visitors relevant ads increases the likelihood that they will click on the ads. In turn that increases the likelihood that you will make Affiliate sales. Offering relevant information and Affiliate links should therefore be part of your overall Affiliate strategy.

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