Using clixGalore Affiliate Marketing
Using Merchant Data Feeds
By Rob Wood
Fri, 16 Sep 2005, 01:21:00

A very useful feature that is offered for free to clixGalore Affiliates is the Merchant Datafeed. Datafeeds can be used in various ways to help Affiliates make more sales on a merchant program. A datafeed is basically a file that lists various categories of each Merchant product. It can be saved as a csv or an xml document. Most datafeeds also include a link to a graphic of the product as well as descriptions, price etc.

There are many ways to use this data to create dynamic websites. An easy way to utilize this clixGalore functionality is with the Instant Website Builder. However, this tutorial will focus only on how to get the datafeed in the format you wish to use.

Firstly you will need to join a merchant program that is offering a datafeed. After logging into your account, you will need to the "Merchant Product Catalogues" option in the Affiliate Programs Menu. Then go to "Search / Add Merchant Program Catalogue" in the popup submenu. On the next page you will be presented with a list of Merchants who are offering datafeeds along with the commission rate they are offering as well as the amount of products in their feed. You can also view their datafeed as it could appear if you wanted to use the Instant Website Builder.

Search for a Merchant with a data feed here.

When you have decided which Merchant's datafeed you wish to use, simply tick the corresponding check-box and press the "Add Selected Merchants Button." When you are done, go back to the "Member Home" area.

Next you can start preparing the datafeed for your own use. From the member Home area, go to "Merchant Product Catalogs" and then to "Define Required Catalog / Datafeed File Download Format." In this area you can manipulate the way in which the data will be given to you. In the left hand box, you will see a list of self explanatory categories that Merchants use with their datafeeds. You can select only the categories that you want to have in your datafeed by placing them in the right hand "Selected Data Fields" box by using the >> button to move them across. You can also alternate the order in which the data is presented by using the "Up" and "Down" buttons.

Select the categories that you want included in your data feed.

When you are happy with the order of the data you will then need to decide what format you would like the datafeed in. clixGalore can offer the file in either csv or xml formats. If you want a csv file, then you will also have to choose the character you want to separate the columns. This is most commonly a | symbol. You also have the option of including a column header (with column headings). Finally choose if you would like to have "" around the values.

If you would prefer an xml file, then you will need to choose that option. Then you will need to name the elements as you would like to receive them. When you are finished, go back to the Member Home area.

Seelect the format of your data feed.

When you are ready to get your datafeed, go to "Merchant Product Catalogs" and then to "Download Product Catalog / Data File." On the next page you will see a list of the Merchants you have joined who have datafeeds. Next to each Merchant will be a link to the datafeed file called "Data File Link." Click on it.

Get the data feed from these links.

You will then be presented with the file in the exact format that you set!

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