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Building Traffic to Your Affiliate Site
Fri, 20 Sep 2013, 09:00:00

So you have done your research and built a nice Affiliate site and the next step is to start marketing your site and getting some traffic. This is the difficult part, but there are some basic techniques that many people use to get a decent flow of potential buying customers to their sites and then onto their Merchant's sites! This tutorial will take you through the basics of getting that traffic to your site.

Natural SEO

Getting traffic from the search engines is one of the best ways to get quality traffic to your site. This means adhering to what the search engines want from a good website. For a primer on how to optimize your own site for the search engines, be sure to check out our tutorial on Search Engine Marketing for Affiliates.

If you adhere to the general rules of SEO when building your site, you should get a reasonable amount of traffic to your Affiliate pages.

Post in Forums

Finding forums about the topic area of your site is an easy way to get a little traffic to your site. But there are a few things to remember. Just posting in forums saying "Visit my site" is considered SPAM and you should not do it. Most forums will however, allow you to put a signature in each post which is basically just a line or two about you at the bottom of each post you make. That is where you can usually put a link to your site. If you have an interesting signature related to the theme of the forum, then people will visit your site. As for participating in the forum, just be helpful by answering other people's questions and joining the conversation in a constructive way.

Get Listed on Directories

There are thousands of directories on the internet and getting listed on them is one way to drive a little bit more traffic to your site. Just go to Google and type in "Directory" to find a list of potential candidates. You could also try typing in the keywords of your site along with the word "directory" to see if there are any industry-specific directories that might be worthwhile submitting your site to. Most of these sites will have a directory submission page where you can let them know about your site.

Get Incoming Links

Getting incoming links to your site is possibly the most powerful way to get traffic to your site. (It can also help with SEO). There are several ways to go about this (getting links from directories is one). Swapping links with other relevant sites is a pretty common strategy. You can also email other webmasters to ask if they would like to link to your site or a page on your site (do not SPAM random emails asking for this) or give you a plug in their blogs etc.

Write Articles

Writing articles for free article directories is a great way to get traffic and incoming links to your own site. We have written before about writing articles to promote Merchant programs directly, but you can also use the exact same technique to promote your own site too. The amount of traffic you get from this technique is really only limited by how many articles you can write.


Paying for traffic to your site is another option for drawing in potential customers. Be sure to do the maths before utilising this strategy as it can be quite expensive to get a lot of targeted visitors to your site using PPC search engines. The bright side is that PPC campaigns will usually drive specifically targeted visitors to your site who are already interested in the topic at hand.

Email Signatures

An often overlooked method to get a few extra visitors to your site is email. More specifically, placing a link to your site in the signature link of your email is an easy and effective method to get people visiting your site. Of course, the success of this tactic will very much depend on how much you use your email from day to day, but it is something that is well worth doing as it takes very little effort.

These are some of the basic strategies that many successful clixGalore Affiliates are using to build well-trafficked sites promoting their Merchants. While this list isn't exhaustive, it is a good start to help you on the road to driving some sales through your Affiliate account.

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