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Beginner or Advanced?
By Rob Wood
Tue, 18 Oct 2005, 21:34:00

Starting out in Affiliate marketing either as a Merchant trying to sell your goods or services or as an Affiliate trying to market other companies' products can be very daunting. There is a lot of information to come to terms with and confusion can set in very easily. In an effort to help combat this information overload clicGalore has developed a new element to its website. Here is the low down on what the development is and who should be using it.

OK, so who exactly qualifies as a "beginner" and who qualifies as an "advanced" user? Here are a few questions that should give you an indication of what your level is. The first set of questions is for Merchants. Do you know the answers to these questions without having to look them up?

What is a "2Tier Affiliate Referral"?

What is "geotargeting"?

What is an "Affiliate Recurring Commission"?

Now Merchants, if you were unable to answer these questions or were not sure then you probably count as a beginner. We all were once!

Now for Affiliates! Can you answer these questions without looking up the answers?

What is "banner linking code"?

What is a "banner rotator"?

What is "2Tier Commission"?

If you couldn't answer these questions then you may also be a beginner!

The good news for beginners is that clixGalore makes things a little easier for beginners with some website functionality. If you log into your account, you will notice at the top of the Member Home area there is a link called "Advanced Memeber Home View / Basic Member Home View."

The basic menu options for Merchants (top) and Affiliates (bottom).

If you are a beginner then it is STRONGLY recommended that you become familiar with the "Basic Member Home View." This view still allows you to do all of the most important tasks for your Merchant or Affiliate program. In the initial stages of your involvement with clixGalore there will most likely be very little reason for you to use the more advanced options.

The best advice is to spend AT LEAST 15 minutes logged in and explore every one of the options that you have. You will find that clixGalore is one of the most feature rich Affiliate programs available online.

In the "Basic Member Home View" Merchants can do all of the necessary things to set up your program. Setting commission rates and restricting traffic to certain countries is all achieveable in the basic area.

So too, Affiliates can enjoy the most important elements of running an Affiliate campaign through clixGalore by using the "Basic Member Home View." Searching for new programs to join as well as retrieving the linking code necessary to use on your website can all be done in the basic view also.

Both new Merchants and new Affiliates may want to restrict themselves to gaining a thorough understanding of the options available in the "Basic Member Home View" in order to become comfortable with using the clixGalore interface.

Once you are used to these options you can then start to look at the extra functionality available when you move up to the "Advanced Member Home View." From there Merchants will be able to manage their 2Tier Affiliates, geotarget Affiliates and traffic and many other helpful advanced options. Affiliates, from the "Advanced Member Home View," will be able to manage banner rotators and have advance reporting options. While these options are not strictly necessary for the majority of Affiliate programs, they do add a large element of functionality for advanced users.

The advanced menu options for both Merchants (top) and Affiliates (bottom).

For the first few days (weeks?) however, most new users of clixGalore will probably be best advised sticking to the "Basic Member Home View." As always if you have any questions at any time, the friendly customer service team at clixGalore is available to answer your emails.

Good Luck!

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