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Affiliate Spam
By Rob Wood
Tue, 10 Jan 2006, 23:41:00

As most people are aware, spam is one of the scourges of the internet. clixGalore takes the issue of spam very seriously and acts in strict accordance with anti-spamming laws. They also expect their Affiliates to do the same. So what exactly counts as spam and what are your obligations with regards to spam? This article will take you through the different types of spam as well as what is and is not allowed for Affiliates when promoting clixGalore Merchants.


Everyone on the net has received it - that unwanted email from some company that you have never heard of. This is unsolicited email, meaning that the recipient did not ask to receive it. Unsolicited email (a.k.a. email spam) is illegal and any Affiliate found to be using email to spam people with Affiliate links will be removed from the clixGalore program.

Email marketing is allowed in clixGalore, but you need to have a legally compliant email list. This means that each person on the list must have signed up via a double opt-in process in order to affirm their permission for you to send them email. If you intend to market Merchants via an email list, it is strongly advised that you be very familiar with spam laws as any contravention of applicable laws could lead to your removal from the clixGalore program (not to mention possible legal prosecution).


Internet forums are an online site where people can sign up and chat with other people about any given topic. Some people use forums for marketing. If you want to go this route then be very careful.

Logging onto a forum and posting an Affiliate link telling people about a great product will be regarded as forum spam and will likely get you banned from both the forum and clixGalore.

Many forums will allow you to post a "signature" which is a little piece of text at the end of each of your forum posts. This can USUALLY contain anything you like, though the rules change from forum to forum. Be sure to check the rules of the forum you are posting on before you post Affiliate links in your signature. If you are not sure, then ask the forum moderator if it is acceptable.

If you are found to be spamming forums then you may be banned from clixGalore so please make sure you are aware of the rules BEFORE you start posting.


A blog or web log often allows comments on a story that the author has written. Many people use the comments sections of blogs to post Affiliate links. In almost every case this is not appreciated by the web master and is considered blog spam.

Be very careful if you plan on posting Affiliate links in the comments section of blogs. You may get banned as a spammer from the blog and you risk having your membership of clixGalore terminated. If in doubt, ask the blog owner for permission before you post the comment.

There are even programs that can post comments to thousands of blogs at a time with Affiliate links included. This is most definitely spam and will get you banned from clixGalore. Avoid these types of programs.

These are the basic techniques that some dishonest or unscrupulous Affiliates employ to make Affiliate sales. In general they are very unsuccessful techniques, not to mention the fact that they can get you banned from the program. The best advice is to avoid them at all costs. By putting your efforts into legitimate marketing strategies, you are increasing the chances of turning a profit in Affiliate marketing.

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