Improving Your Results
Using Reports to Improve Your Results
By Rob Wood
Fri, 23 Sep 2005, 01:44:00

If you are getting serious about Affiliate Marketing then sooner or later you are going to need to start analysing the performance of your marketing efforts. This can be very valuable in improving your results over the longer term and ensuring a steady flow of income. This tutorial will take you through the feature available to Affiliates on clixGalore to allow you to see how you are going and perhaps areas where you can improve.

Firstly you will need to log into your Affiliate account to get to the reporting options. We will take a look at the amount of traffic you are sending first. Go to "Reporting" in the menu and then "Sent Traffic Summary Report" in the popup sub-menu. On the next page is the report detailing the traffic you have sent to Merchant's websites. Note that you can choose the program and the time period of the report from the drop down menus. The report displays the impressions (amount of times you have displayed the Merchant's advertising to a visitor), click (amount of times a visitor has click on an ad) and sales as well as the amount you have earned. You can use this information to compare time periods throughout your campaign. Hopefully you will see a steadily rising amount of clicks, impressions sales and amount earned.

You can also view a report of the transactions credited to you. From the Member Home area, just go to "Reporting" and then to "View Transactions Sent from Your Website/s." The next page will allow you to choose the program you want the report for, as well as the time period and you can also choose a specific Merchant program to report on if you wish. This information is valuable in assessing which Merchants are delivering most of your income. With this information you can then further asses how you might consider improving your other programs. Remember that it may be a factor of your own promotional strategy, but it could also be that your best Merchants convert well because they have the best websites. You need to make your own assessment of the reasons and take action from there. This report just gives you the information to go in for those decisions. The report also displays the source of your sales so you can also see which of your own sites are working well and which could use improvement. You can use this report to do split tests whereby you make two web pages for the same merchant to see which one generates the most sales.

Choose the options for your sent traffic report.

You can get further information for performance analysis too. From the Member Home area, just go to "Reporting" and then to "Advanced Program Reporting." On the next page you can generate reports that allow you to get information to compare the performance of Merchant programs as well as each banner that you use. You can also assess the impressions, clicks, sales and click-through % of the banners that you are using. You can then use the information to decide on ways in which you can improve your program such as changing banners or putting in more marketing efforts for Merchant programs that are converting well for you. You can also do split tests for banners to decide which ones perform best.

Choose the options for your advanced reporting.

clixGalore gives you the ability to gather this information easily. It is then up to you how you use it. Most serious Affiliate marketers will be continuously carrying out split tests to improve the performance of their program. Split testing web pages, Merchant Programs and banners will help you improve your own rewards.

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