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Using Blogs with clixGalore
By Rob Wood
Thu, 13 Oct 2005, 21:42:00

Blogs are currently taking the internet by storm. They are an alternative to mainstream media and many internet surfers seem to prefer reading blogs to online newspapers. So too the search engines are starting to take blogging seriously with blog search engines being released by some of the bigger search engine companies. It is really no surprise then that many people are discovering that you can make money from blogs. This tutorial will cover the basics of using blogs with your clixGalore Affiliate account.

A blog is short for a "Web Log" and is basically an online diary of any topic that the blogger wants! The most popular free site for blogging is, but there are several others. It is also possible to use free blogging software such as WordPress to publish a blog on your own site.

This tutorial will go through manually using a blog and adding Affiliate links and advertisements on your own site. (People who wish to use or a free blogging service can skip the instructions in this paragraph). Most blogging software for your own site comes with detailed instructions for use. A tip for beginners would be to choose a web host that offers Fantastico.
Fantastico enables an easy installation of blogging software on your site.
Fantastico is a program that will automatically installs various types of software on your website with no technical knowledge required for the user. (This site uses for our hosting who offer Fantastico in all their hosting packages). Simply login to your webhosting account, click on the Fantastico icon (usually located in cPanel), and from the next page select WordPress from the blogging software category and then select "Install." (You may wish to use one of the other blogging software packages if you wish). Follow the instructions to complete the installation of Wordpress. If you specify "blog" as the directory where wordpress should be installed then the blog will be at (if you don't specify a directory then it will be on your homepage eg.

Using Fantastico, wordpress can be installed simply using this page.

When you have completed the installation of your blog, you will be able to see the blog on your website in the directory you specified in the installation procedure. With wordpress you can log into your blog to add a written entry from the "login" link on the front page.

Bue sure to note the access url - that is where you will log into your blog.

Now we can get down to the business of blogging. Login to your new blog by cicking on "login" on the front page of the blog! Select "Write" on the dashboard at the top of the screen. (Users of other software or a free blogging service simply need to navigate to the page that allows them to post an entry). That will present the area where you can write your first blog. Type in the title. It should probably be something related to the topic of the product you wish to collect a commission for. Then start your first blog! The content of your blog is really up to you. It can be a recommendation to buy something or just an anecdote about a product - the options are infinite.

Add a post to your blog.

Now open another window and log into your clixGalore account. Select the program you wish to promote in your blog entry. In this example, we will promote clixGalore itself so we can earn commissions when Merchants sign up for a program. Luckily, clixGalore offers a text banner that I can change to the text of my choice. We can therefore fit it seamlessly into a story about Affiliate marketing. From the member home area we can retrieve the code by going to "Get Banner LInking Code / Deep Linking" and then clicking on "View Tracking code" next to the clixGalore program listing. A popup window will appear with the code. The code can be copied from there. (If you are unfamiliar retrieving the linking code then you can use the help files in the clixGalore member home area when you log in).

Copy the tracking code from the cliGalore website.

Now if we go back to the window where we were writing the blog. Paste the code into the main text box. Now we will need to write content around that code (we could also write the content before pasting the code if we wished to). In this case we will also have to relace the text in the code that reads "Place Your Own Text Here" - in this case we will replace it with "clixGalore" and incorporate it into a sentence. See the below image for the unaltered code simply pasted into our blog text box:

Paste the clixGalore tracking code into the main text box of your blog.

For this example we will write: "Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a second income. We use clixGalore as our Affiliate marketing network." In the case of this sentence we will make "clixGalore" the Affiliate link. The actual text box of the blog will look like this (compare it to the image above):

Add some written content around the code in your blog.

When we are happy with content of the blog we can then press the "Publish" button.

Excellent! Our first blog has been published (you will be able to see it on the page where your blog is published) with an Affiliate code in it. For every Merchant who signs up with clixGalore after clicking on the link in the blog, clixGalore will give a commission.

The next thing to do is start promoting your blog with links, directories and search engines. Good luck!

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