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How To Create And Upload A Datafeed Using Your Own Formatted CSV or XML Datafeed File
Fri, 20 Sep 2013, 08:00:00

In addition to the standard pipe delimited clixGalore format for a data feed, we do also support a data feed upload via XML or CSV files.

For CSV files the only requirement is that the first row must be a column header row.

There are no rules for the column/element names as these are mapped to our expected fields using the menu item "Promotional Tools > XML/CSV File Definition". This gives you complete flexibility on both the element/column names and column order.

In the definition page you will map the XML element names or CSV column row names to the relevant clixGalore fields.

Using an XML file as an example:

The product name here
A description of the product here

The product name here 2
A description of the product here 2

You would map these column names as follows:
Datafeed File Definition Table

Now that you have setup the file definition, you can now upload your datafeed automatically or manually. We would recommend that it is uploaded regurarly, say once per month. This will keep it fresh and current, thus ensuring your Affiliates can promote the latest product information to potential customers.

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