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21 August 2015


Making a passive income is one of the Holy Grails for many internet marketers. Many Affiliates of clixGalore make a comfortable passive income by referring other Affiliates to clixGalore. So what is a passive income and how can you establish one using the tools available to you at clixGalore? This tutorial will concentrate on how to establish a passive income using the two tier Affiliate system provided by clixGalore.

A passive income, as the name suggests is an income that will continue, regardless of whether you take any action. In the case of Affiliate marketing, a passive income can generally be generated in two ways - by promoting Merchant programs with a recurring commission or by promoting a Merchant program with a two tier Affiliate system. Let's concentrate on the 2 tier system of creating a passive income and explore the options of that system a little more.

It works like this - clixGalore will pay you 5% of the Affiliate income of any person who you send to clixGalore who then joins as an Affiliate. If that person turns out to be a terrible Affiliate and gives up without making any money, then you will receive no commission either. But if that person turns out to be a good Affiliate who makes a lot of money, clixGalore, in addition to paying them their commissions, will pay you an additional 5%.

Now that may not seem like such a great deal on the surface. But think about it for a second. If you were able to drive 10 Affiliates who each made $10,000 per year, you would be making $5000 for the work that THEY are doing. If you have a high traffic site then the possibilities for income grow drastically. clixGalore currently has several Affiliates earning in the thousands of dollars per month from 2nd tier commissions alone. That is certainly a nice passive income supplement to their other Affiliate income (ie the income they make from directly promoting Merchants).

The referral also covers every Merchant program so you will get the referral commission no matter which Merchant programs the new Affiliate signs up to. If you have a website or email list related to web marketing then the clixGalore banners tend to convert quite well. If you run a site teaching others about online marketing, then you also have a very targeted audience that will convert even better.

So how do you sign up?

The first thing you will need to do is to join clixGalore's own referral program. You can just follow this link to the signup page for our specific program.

clixGalore offers a variety of banners and text links that you can use to spread the word about the company. Placing these banners and links on your website or in your emails and driving new Affiliates to clixGalore will help you kick-start your passive income.

clixy One of the banners you can use to promote clixGalore to your second tier Affiliates.

Just copy and past the banner code into your website or email and you are done. Alternatively you can log in at any time and go to "Get Banner Linking Code / Deep Linking" and you can retrieve the code. Once it is on your site it will track all new Affiliate that you send to clixGalore and attribute 5% of their income to your account.

Good luck with developing your own army of Affiliates for your passive income!

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