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21 August 2015


Many Affiliates make the mistake of thinking that only online marketing efforts will work when promoting clixGalore Merchant programs. While many Affiliates have significant success with their online marketing efforts, there are a few Affiliates who have also made very tidy profits utilising their offline marketing abilities. This tutorial will go through a few of the ways in which clixGalore programs can be promoted in on offline environment and the technical issues involved with that. For this article, we will concentrate on percentage sale and per sale programs only.

The basic tenet of Affiliate marketing is to drive as many people as possible through your Affiliate tracking URL. Your Affiliate tracking URL can be retrieved at any time just by logging into your account and going to "Get Banner Linking Code / Deep Linking" You will be presented with a list of Merchant's whose programs you have joined. Select the Merchant you wish to promote offline by click on the relevant link. On the next page you will be presented with a text box with your tracking code. The specific URL that will track your sales, is the URL in that code that comes immediately after a href="

If you get people to visit that URL, then they will be redirected to the Merchant's website and if they make a purchase, you will earn the commission.Now the main problem is that the Affiliate tracking URL is long and complicated. It would be very difficult to get people to type the whole URL into their browser. The best solution to this is to get your own website with a simple URL (try to select one that is short, easy to remember and is related to the Merchant's product or service that you want to promote). Once you have your own URL, you can place a redirect on it to take visitors automatically to the Merchant's website via your Affiliate tracking URL. If you are not sure how to implement a redirect, there are instructions in this tutorial.

Now, once your redirect is set up, you are able to begin your offline promotions, simply by driving people to the simplified URL. Here are a few ways you will be able to go about doing that:

Business Cards: Getting business cards printed with your URL is cheap and easy. Handing them out to people who might be interested in the product is an easy way to promote that product or service and ensure that you are given an Affiliate commission.

Classifieds: Placing classified ads in local newspapers and relevant offline publications is a good way to drive targeted prospects to your URL. Once they are automatically redirected to the Merchant's site and make a purchase, you will receive any commission.

Posters: Printing up posters with your URL is very cheap and can even be done from your home printer. Placing those posters on bulletin boards in your local community will get you a reasonable amount of internet traffic that is targeted and therefore likely to buy (only interested people are likely to visit the URL you advertised).

The trick with any of these techniques is finding interested prospects. For example, a noticeboards at a gym would be the obvious place to put a poster about a body building supplements product. A hobby convention would be the obvious place to hand out business cards for a hobby store Merchant. Finding a targeted audience offline is just as important as it is online.

The amount of offline promotions you can do in driving traffic to your specific URL (and therefore to the Merchant's site) is limited only by your imagination. These are a few basic ideas, but we haven't covered other possibilities such as stickers, flyers, postcards, mail outs etc. Anything you can do offline to drive cheap, interested visitors to your URL will increase your chances of making online Affiliate sales.

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