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21 August 2015


After a Merchant has decided what type of program they would like to initiate with clixGalore, the next obvious step is signing up. Luckily, the process is pretty straight forward.

First you will need to go the site at (any of the regional sites will also work like or We even have a Japanese site at if you speak Japanese!

The first step is to click on the "Sign Up" button under "Boost Sales Now." The next page will be where you input all of the information for your program. Be sure that the information entered on this page is correct because this will be the information used by clixGalore if anything happens to go wrong or somebody needs to contact you. Also be sure to take note of the email address you use as this will be your username for logging in. Also be careful in choosing your program type and currency.

You will be given the choice of joining with four different types of packages. You can inspect the features of each package here. The basic package for US$75 is the "Bronze Package." The $75 paid for this will all be used to pay your Affiliates when they start making sales for you (or driving traffic if you opt for a PPC program). The other packages also include varying levels of promotional services (thus the corresponding fee) which are designed to help you attract Affiliates.

Lastly you will be asked for your password. Be sure to write it down and keep it in a safe place as you will need this to log into your account. Be sure also to read the clixGalore Membership Agreement before ticking the box to show your agreement to it.

Next you will need to fill in some information about your website. The URL, name and description are all self explanatory, though be sure to be thorough with the description as many Affiliates will use this when deciding whether of not to join your program. The keywords you use in the keywords area will also allow Affiliates to find you more easily.

clixGalore will automatically send you a weekly report via email regarding your program performance. If you would NOT like to receive this email report then you will need to UNCHECK the check box that¡¯s marked "Email Weekly Report."

welcome message Decide whether you want a weekly email report, whther you want to automatically accept Affiliates who want to join your program and whether to receive an email about it.

You can also put in the email address here that will be used for correspondence for this program (some Merchants who have several programs running for the same company like to receive emails about each program to different email addresses).

If you would like to manually inspect each sale before you approve it, then you will need to UNCHECK the check box that's marked "Auto Approve Sales" (this is for sales and lead programs only). We would recommend that you manually approve each sale or lead until you are comfortable using clixGalore and are happy with the performance and settings of your program. You can change this setting later.

When a sale occurs, clixGalore will send you an email. It is recommended that you leave this option on, however if you wish to turn it off then you should UNCHECK the box that's marked "Email When Sale Occurs."

After that you will need to put in a welcome message for Affiliates who join your program. You may also choose whether or not to manually inspect Affiliate requests to join your program. This would give you the chance to view their website and a little information about each affiliate. If you are running a per lead or PPC program then it is STRONGLY recommended that you inspect each Affiliate application manually. In that case you should UNCHECK the box that is marked "Automatically Approve Affiliate Requests."

The next check box allows you to opt to receive an email when an Affiliate requests to join your program. Then you can press the "Next Button."

On the next page you will need to fill in all of your payment details. The minimum deposit is $75 though you may elect to place more in your account if you wish.

IMPORTANT: clixGalore automatically deducts further funds from your credit card account when it goes below a certain level. The automatic setting is US$50. On this page you can change that setting to whatever amount you wish or you can turn it off.

If you turn it off, you will not be as attractive to potential Affiliates. The reason for that is that when you have insufficient funds in your account to pay your Affiliates, clixGalore will not send their traffic to your site. Affiliates are then forced to either wait for you to top up your account or choose another program to promote (as it will be costing them potential commissions). It is therefore STRONGLY recommended that you allow clixGalore to charge your credit card automatically.

opening balance Here you will need to decide what your opening balance will be and if you want you account to be automatically topped up after it gets below a certain level.

When you are ready to proceed, click the "Next" Button. This will complete your signup and take you to the thankyou page. On this page you will find a snippet of code that will need to be placed on your end of sale thankyou page (for sale and lead programs).

After you have installed that code, and placed the test transaction, the engineers at clixGalore will manually verify that everything is working and then activate you program!

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