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21 August 2015


Online leads are a great way for some businesses to use the power of online marketing. If your company has a product that requires offline contact or selling then gathering leads online may be a very effective strategy. This tutorial will take you through the steps required to build a successful lead program.

Firstly you will need to define exactly what type of leads you require. Try to be as specific as possible because this will help when you are later selecting Affiliates. Some lead programs will require only capturing an email address but others will need to capture full contact details such as the visitor's name, address, telephone number and email. You will need to set up your own website to make it as easy as possible for your potential leads to fill out a lead form. Make it clear what you offer and make it easy to proceed to the next step for your visitors.

An important consideration for many lead programs is the geographic location of the company. A loan company in the USA will not have a lot of use for leads from Pakistan. clixGalore allows you to "geotarget" the areas from which you accept leads ┬ĘC that is to say that a Merchant can select the geographic location of the leads he wishes to get. Therefore a loan company from the USA can pay only for leads from the USA. This is an extremely important consideration if you don't wish to waste money on useless leads. To geotarget leads, just log into your account and go to "Program Filtering" in the menu and then to "Filter Received Traffic by Country." Follow the prompts to define the area you wish to receive leads from.

filtering You can select which countries you want leads from.

For Merchants who have purchased the Silver Level or above then clixGalore also allows you to further geotarget areas. This is done by geotargeting the IP address of potential visitors. This allows you to be very specific in determining the geographic location of your leads.

The other thing Lead programs will have to worry about is ensuring the quality of the leads they pay for. In most cases it is highly advisable to MANUALLY check the leads you have received to make sure that they are legitimate. clixGalore offers both the option to approve leads manually and automatically. In the case of most lead programs you will want to do it manually, at least in the beginning. This saves the problem of having to contact clixGalore to request reversals.

filtering options Choose how to filter your program.

The next consideration in any Lead Program is the location of the Affiliates that you accept to it. Affiliates from anywhere in the world can easily target the leads that you wish to receive, but some Merchants prefer to only deal with Affiliates from their own country or from countries that have the same language. In general an Australian Merchant will get better results from an Australian Affiliate, but this is not always the case. It is very much up to the Merchant to decide if they wish to allow all Affiliates into their program, but even if you allow foreign Affiliates for your lead program, you should still manually vet them by looking at their websites and contacting them if you feel the need to ask them any questions.

affiliate requests You may wish to manually approve Affiliates (highly recommended!)

The vast majority of work for a lead program is done in the very beginning when it is being set up. If you take heed of some of the options available to you through clixGalore then you should have a successful program. Then you can get down to the business of chasing up your new leads!

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