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21 August 2015


When a new Merchant aims to attract Affiliates and "Super Affiliates" to their program, they need to think about many things. But the one thing worse than not attracting many Affiliates or a Super Affiliate is getting them to join your program and then losing them due to low balance issues. If you allow your Merchant program balance to fall low, the valuable customer traffic driven to your site by your Affiliates will be redirected away from your website. Hence, if this occurs your Affiliates will quickly re-evaulate the effort and worth of promoting a Merchant who does not maintian a healty program balance and show commitment to their Affiliates.

This HAS happened before and it always causes a lot of consternation. One way to lose a Super Affiliate (or any Affiliate for that matter) is to let your account balance fall low or not have enough money to pay them for the valuable customer traffic they are sending you! Luckily there are a few measures that can be put in place at clixGalore to ensure that this doesn't happen. By using these features you will also be demonstrating a long term commitment to your Affiliates.

This tutorial will concentrate on the very important issue of keeping your clixGalore account balance maintained with adequate funds to avoid customer traffic redirection and the loss of your Affiliates.

A very powerful feature of clixGalore that every Merchant should consider using is the auto-redeposit mechanism. There are several points regarding this feature that you should be aware of.

The first thing you should look at is the "Account Balance Management" option in the login area. You will find it in the main menu. If you roll over it, it will display three options. Go to "Set / View Low Balance Notification Level" in the popup sub-menu.

Firstly, be sure that you are looking at the correct information by selecting the appropriate program from the drop down menu.

Next you should set the notification level. The system will automatically send you an email when your clixGalore account balance reaches this level. That way you can keep tabs on how often your account is replenishing (or, if you choose to manually add funds, you will know when your account balance is low). The system can be set to send you an email either every day until you replenish your funds or every week until you replenish your funds. Just set the notification level to either daily or weekly by checking the appropriate button.

auto redeposit notification Put in the options for your auto-redeposit.

Now the "Auto-Redeposit" row is the most important. Here, as the name suggests, you can elect to allow clixGalore to charge your credit card when your account balance reaches a certain level (you stipulate the account balance at which this function is triggered in the "Notification Level" row). You can also set the amount which you wish to redeposit in the "Auto-Redeposit" row.

The next thing you should be aware of is that the clixGalore system can, if you wish, trigger an auto-redeposit if your clixGalore balance is lower than the pending order commission that you owe to Affiliates. It is a very good idea to have this option also turned on (just in case you make a big sale one night!!)

To turn it on, just go to "Program Maintenance" in the main menu and then to "Edit Merchant Programs / Banners" in the popup sub-menu. On the next page click on the name of your program.

On the next page, if you scroll towards the bottom of the page, you will see a check box in the row marked "Pending Sale Redeposit." Make sure it is checked. Don't forget to press the "Save Details" button.

pending salere deposit Check this box so you can always cover pending commissions.

Now you should be set up to make sure that you don't upset your Affiliates! Remember that if any order needs reversing then you can just get in touch with the clixGalore customer care team and funds charged to your account for invalid sales can be put back into your clixGalore account or back onto your credit card (if an invalid transaction triggered the redeposit).

The important thing is that your redeposit features are set so that you are always able to pay your Affiliates for the traffic they send and work they do. If you follow the tips in this article, then that shouldn't be a problem!

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