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21 August 2015


We get literally hundreds of emails asking about clixGalore's policy on incentivizing traffic and whether it is allowed on the clixGalore network. Well, this article will go into exactly what is allowed and what is forbidden on the network and our reasons for adopting these rules. Please note these are our general guidelines. If you are a large publisher and use a variety of incentivised methods and wish to promote our Merchants, please contact us to discuss these methods and see if we can work together.

So what exactly is "Incentivized Traffic?"

Incentivized Traffic, as the name implies is simply traffic that is sent to a site due to the visitor having some incentive for visiting other than a legitimate interest in viewing that site. This can include (but is not limited to) the following types of traffic:

Rewards Sites: Companies that offer some type of reward in return for a visitor taking certain actions come under this category of incentivized sites also. Usually the action is clicking on a link or banner, filling out a form, reading an email (often know as 'paid to read') and in return, the visitor will receive some type of reward such as cash, credits or goods.

Auto Surf Traffic / Paid To Surf: Many companies on the internet pay people to sit down and view certain sites. The payment can be in many forms, including credits that can be redeemed for some reward, actual cash payout, gifts etc etc. That is to say that there is an artificial incentive for that person to view the sites.

What's Wrong With That?

Well the main problem is that incentivized traffic is notoriously low quality traffic from our Merchant's point of view. They are paying money to promote their company and usually for the end goal of making sales. Incentivized traffic is simply extremely difficult to convert into sales for most Merchants. For that reason alone, we do not view incentivized traffic in a favourable light.

Yeah, but Can I Still Try it?

If you are promoting a CPC Merchant and you want to incentivize traffic, then the answer is most certainly a definitive NO. You may NOT incentivize traffic for clixGalore Merchants who are paying on a per click basis for traffic.

If you are promoting a Per Lead Merchant and you want to incentivize traffic, then the answer is also a definitive NO. You may not incentivize traffic with the intention of getting that traffic to fill out a lead form. In this case it will be extremely questionable whether the visitor is actually interested in the product or service that the clixGalore Merchant is offering, but rather is simply filling out the form to get the reward that you are offering.

If you are promoting a Per Sale or a % Sale program and you want to incentivize traffic then you ARE allowed to. You may offer your site members a reward for PURCHASING a service or product via a clixGalore link. Remember that if those visitors make a purchase and later return the product, then your commission will also be refunded to the Merchant. That is the risk you take.

As for auto surf traffic, you are allowed to use it for all types of programs to display your own site, but your are NOT allowed to generate false clicks using these programs.

As you can see, the reasoning behind our policies on incentivized traffic is based on the best interest of the clixGalore Merchants. It is possible for everyone to profit from the relationship between Merchants and Affiliates, rather than just one party. If everyone can profit then the relationship will hopefully turn into a mutually beneficial and long term business partnership. That is our goal.

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