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21 August 2015


So you have set up your program. You know how much you are going to be paying to Affiliates. You have adjusted all of the settings to make sure your program gets off to the smooth start that you want. Now it's time to upload your banners so that your Affiliates have something to advertise you with. This tutorial will take you through each step you need to take in order to have your banners available to Affiliates.

The first step is obviously to get the banners made. To make sure you have the best quality banners you may wish to refer to our tutorial on creating banners called "Your Banners: Some Things To Think About." Also don't forget that clixGalore has a banner creation service, accessible from within your login area - just go to "Banner Design Service" on the menu! Although you can create banners of differing sizes, the most popular and most important is the 468x60 banner. After you have created a banner just follow the following steps so that your Affiliates can begin using it.

The next thing you are going to have to do is upload you banners to your OWN site. clixGalore does not host your banners! You will need to get in contact with whoever is responsible for your site and ask them to FTP the banners onto your site's server or do it yourself. You need to take note of the exact address of your banners. For example, the address will look something like this -

Once you have successfully placed the banners on your own server then you can log into your clixGalore account and begin the process of making the banner available to your Affiliates. From you login area, go to "Program Maintenance" in the menu and the "Edit Merchant Program / Banners" in the popup sub-menu. On the next pages in the "Change Rates / Banners" column, click on "Rates / Banners." This will bring you to the page where you can input the important details about your banners.

Make sure you have the correct Merchant Program selected from the drop down menu (most Merchants will only have the one, but some operate several programs).

bannertype Be Sure to Select the Correct Program from the Drpo-Down Menu.

Next give you banner a meaningful name (anything you like). Make sure this is something that can identify the banner for ease of reference. For example, "November Sale" would be better than "Banner1" for ease of reference. Next put in the image's location. Sticking with our example, would be the location you should enter. Under the "URL to Direct To" you will need to put the URL address of the site where you want your visitors to land. Usually this is the front page of your site, eg. but sometimes you may want to direct visitors to a specific page on your site - it is up to you. Next you will need to input the amount you wish to pay out (you can have a different amount for each banner, though this is usually not required or recommended).

banner details Input all of the vital details of your banner using this form.

After you have put in all of this information, be sure to press the "Insert New Banner" button to save it all.

Now that banner is available for Affiliates to use to drive visitors to your website! If you have anymore banners you will need to repeat the process for each one.

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