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21 August 2015


If you know anything about Affiliates, then you will know that they love recurring and repeat commissions. Simply having one of these option in your Merchant account will usually attract a lot of Affiliates wanting to promote you. But what do these options mean for your program and how do you go about setting them up? This tutorial will give you a brief overview of what the terms mean and the specifics of setting up these options in your account.

What is Repeat Commission? Repeat Commission is when a Merchant offers commission to an Affiliate for any number of sales from the same customer within a certain time frame. If the Affiliate sends you the customers then you will pay the Affiliate a commission every time that customer buys something from your site within that set time frame. The time frame can be anything from 45 days to unlimited by adjusting your "cookie expiry period."

This is obviously something that is very attractive to Affiliates and it is also something that most programs are able to implement in the knowledge that commissions are still tied to sales.

To implement a Repeat Commission for your Affiliates you will need to decide on a period of time for which you will pay it and adjust your cookie expiry period accordingly. To do that, just log into your account and go to "Program Maintenance" > "Edit Merchant Program / Banners" and then click on the name of your program. On the next page there is a drop down menu you can use to set your "Tracking Cookie Expiry." Set it to the time period for which you would like to offer repeat commissions and then press the "Save Details" button. That's it!

What is Recurring Commission? Recurring commission, as the name suggests, is paying a commission to an Affiliate on a recurring basis - usually monthly. This obviously works best with services that require continued payments from the customer, in businesses such as web hosting or recurring newsletter or membership subscriptions. The recurring commission to the Affiliate ends only when the customer ceases their own payments to the Merchant. This type of commission structure is extremely attractive to many Affiliates and will usually draw many to your program. In fact if you have a business that requires recurring payments then it is strongly advised that you consider offering this option to your Affiliates as a way to attract them to your program.

Once again, the benefit to Merchants of offering this type of commission structure lies in the fact that it will attract Affiliates in both quantity and quality. Commissions are also obviously tied to sales so costs can be accounted for.

To setup a recurring commission for your Affiliates, simply login to your account and go to "Program Maintenance" > "Edit Merchant Program / Banners" and then click on the name of your program. On the next page towards the button there are two options in the "Add a Recurring Commission" row. Use the first option to select the regularity of the commission - weekly or monthly. In the second section you can place the amount of the commission that you wish to pay your Affiliate. Press the "Save Details" button and you are done!

Having either of these two commission structure options on offer to your Affiliates is something you should seriously consider for your program. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks in most scenarios and it is easy to implement.

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