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21 August 2015


Once a Merchant has set up their tracking code by following the instructions they are sent, it is time to see if everything is working correctly. This will mean doing a test transaction. Take the following steps to ensure that your test transaction is placed correctly.

A test transaction, is simply a practice run. It is a transaction that the Merchant places on their own site with their own credit card to ensure that everything is set up correctly. That way you they know that the clixGalore system can track the sales or leads sent to their website by their Affiliates. The test transaction needs to be done before clixGalore activates any Merchant account.

The first step is to make sure that you have followed the instructions correctly in installing your tracking code. This is covered in the lesson called, "Installing Your Tracking Code." Make sure you have followed the exact steps as this will save you a lot of frustration when you come to this stage of doing the test transaction.

When you are sure you have the tracking code installed correctly then check the inbox of the email you used to sign up to clixGalore. There will be an email regarding your test transaction. The title of the email is "clixGalore - Test Transaction Required."

In the email you will see a URL. This URL has your unique program ID in it. The link simulates what an Affiliate's banner does to allow clixGalore to track visitors from an Affiliate's site through to your online store.

Click on the link.

After you have clicked on the link, you will be taken through to your own site. Place a transaction on your site (the same way in which any visitor would place a transaction). If you are running a sale program then make sure your order value is MORE than $0.00. If the code was set up correctly, then this transaction should be recorded by the clixGalore system.

Wait a few minutes and then log into your clixGalore account. You should be able to see the transaction you just made (click on "Transactions" > "Merchant Transaction Report" to see the details if you wish). If everything looks ok and the amount displayed in the clixGalore control panel is the same as the amount you placed your order for, then everything is ok!

transactions You should be able to see your test transaction in the Merchants Transactions screen.

However, if the transaction is not showing up in your clixGalore control panel or is for a value of $0 then the test transaction was not successful. This means you will have to go back and make sure that the code is implemented correctly, before placing another test transaction.

What happens next? Now is the time to be patient! After you have successfully completed your test transaction, the engineers at clixGalore will need to verify that it worked. This is done manually within a 24 hour period.

The clixGalore system will also automatically reverse your test transaction so that you don't pay commission on the test sale! (You can also decline it manually if you wish to do so and are running a sale program).

After clixGalore has verified that you have successfully completed the test, they will activate your program and you are ready to start getting Affiliates!

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