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21 August 2015


For Merchants, a fantastic way to retain visitors and make sure they return to your website on a regular basis is to set up a gift registry or wish list. That is basically a site that allows a visitor to keep a list of the products from that site that they really want. That way they, or their friends, can go to the site and review the list before making a purchase. Well, these gift registry systems have never been very compatible with Affiliate marketing¡­ until now.

clixGalore has developed a way for Merchants to reward affiliates who send visitors who create a wish list or gift registry which leads to a sale. This is a great way for Merchants to promote their wish list functionality as well as to encourage new Affiliates to join their program. It is also quite easy to integrate this functionality with your clixGalore Affiliate program.

To get started with integrating your gift registry or wish list into your Affiliate program, simply login to your Merchant account and then go to "Transactions" in the menu and then "Merchant Gift Registry" in the popup submenu. That will take you to the page that has the required code.

Make sure you have selected the appropriate program from the drop down menu at the top of the page. The first text box will provide you with a piece of code to place on your site on the page where a new customer is directed after they register a new gift registry or wish list. Note that you need to alter the code to pass the registry ID to our system so we can keep track of Affiliate sales. This lets us know that a new customer has registered a wish list with you and that they were sent by a clixGalore Affiliate.

The second text box on that page provides another piece of code. This code need to be placed on the page that a customer visits when they open a gift registry list to select an item for purchase. Again, you need to pass the registry ID to our system. This is so our system can match the ID with the ID captured in the previous step and see that the sale was in fact sent by a clixGalore Affiliate.

That's it!

After you have installed these two pieces of code, you have effectively integrated your wish list functionality with your Affiliate program! Affiliates will now be able to drive customers to your site to use your wish list functionality, knowing that they will be paid future commissions for their work. This is a totally integrated marketing solution for complex Merchant sites that offers an extra way in which to promote your business.

Now, we understand that this is slightly more difficult to achieve than most facets of starting your Affiliate program. If, at any stage you require help with this integration, then we are more than willing to offer free support to help you make sure it goes off without a hitch. Just email customer care!

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