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21 August 2015


One of the keys to driving sales to the Merchant programs that you have joined is getting quality traffic to the site that has your clixGalore Affiliate links. But what actually constitutes "quality traffic" and how do you go about getting it? This tutorial will take you through a few of the basics of what it is and where you can find it.

What is quality traffic?

Quality traffic is composed of visitors who want to be at your site. A single visitor who buys something via the Affiliate links on your site is going to be worth more to you than a million visitors who don't. You therefore need to concentrate on getting that single quality visitor (or many of them). They are somebody who is searching for the exact thing you are promoting ┬ĘC hopefully with their credit card already in their hand.

What isn't quality traffic?

Poor quality traffic is a visitor who doesn't want to be on your site. This includes visitors who were somehow "tricked" into coming to your site or arrived thinking they were going to find something else. An example of this would be if your site was presented to a visitor via an unwanted popup or if you Affiliate link was presented in a spam email message. Such traffic is notoriously poor quality (not to mention being illegal and against clixGalore TOS in the case of spam) and extremely difficult for most Affiliates to convert into sales.

Why is quality traffic important?

Driving quality, targeted traffic to your own site or affiliate promotion is extremely important. For starters, having quality traffic can increase click through rates on your affiliates links dramatically. Some Affiliates manage to maintain CTRs of around 5% on well designed sites that attract quality, targeted traffic (that is very much on the high end though). In fact it is extremely unlikely that poor quality traffic will stick around on your site long enough to find out what it is all about, let alone actually click through one of your Affiliate links and make a purchase. The quality of your traffic is the key to making sales. When you have good quality traffic then you can concentrate on increasing the volume of that traffic so you make even more sales.

Where do I get quality traffic?

There a several strategies to get quality traffic. The search engines are a good start, because when somebody finds your site via a search engine, you will most likely be giving them exactly the information they are looking for. Search engine traffic is usually among the highest quality traffic. Affiliates who get a lot of this traffic usually have large websites with lots of useful content surrounding keywords that are directly relevant to the Affiliate products they are promoting.

It is also possible to get quality traffic via PPC search services such as Google and Overture, though this can be a little expensive. Some Affiliates start their own PPC campaigns and input the Affiliate links directly into the service so that the visitor is taken directly to the Merchant's site.

Quality traffic can also come from other similar sites in your niche (or mailing lists). In this case it is usually when they link to you or mention you to their own visitors or subscribers. If their site is similar to your then the visitors you get from them will be already interested in the topic of your site.

These seem to be the main ways to generate targeted, quality traffic though some people always manage to come up with more imaginative ways. If you can concentrate on getting this type of traffic to your Affiliate site then you should start to see some results.

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