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21 August 2015


Many Merchants are continually concerned about attracting more Affiliates to their Merchant program. This stands to reason as having more Affiliates will typically increase the number of online sales generated and the branding they receive. This tutorial will go through a few of the ways in which Merchants can begin to build their base of Affiliates and maximise their online exposure.

Now the first thing a Merchant will need to be concerned about is the attractiveness of their program to Affiliates. Remember that you are competing for Affiliates - if your competitors have a more attractive program, then most Affiliates will promote them and not you. Typically an attractive program would be composed of these features:

A professionally designed website that is easy to navigate, does not suffer from traffic leakage and allows customers to quickly and easily buy the products or services;
A reasonably high base commission rate coupled with a monthly sale targets incentive scheme for your Affiliates to meet;
A cookie expiry period of 90+ days allowing recurring customer sales and commission in this period.
A good range of professionally designed graphic banners (5+) and text banners (5+) for your Affiliates to choose from;
A product datafeed which is refreshed at least once per month.

To go over the basics of how to make your program as attractive to potential Affiliates as possible, take a look at clixGalore's tutorial on Attracting Top Affiliates.

Upgrade Your Membership Status

The most obvious way to increase the efforts being put into promoting your Affiliate recruitment is to upgrade your clixGalore membership status. The higher your membership status, the more promotion your program will receive to our very large base of Affiliates . A 'Corporate Platinum' status will almost always get far more Affiliate signups than a Bronze account, irrespective of the attractiveness of the program, simply due to the amount of promotion it receives. It is therefore very worthwhile considering getting an upgrade if you are concerned about the levels of your Affiliate signups.

Proactive Affiliate Recruitment

If you are a 'Enterprise Gold' or 'Corporate Platinum' Merchant and you know of some sites that you think would be a good Affiliate for your program, you can let us know about them and we will try and contact and recruit them to your program. You can submit an unlimited number of 'Affiliate Recruitment Requests' as you wish . Simply just login and use the "Promotional Tools > Submit Affiliate Recruitment Request" menu item located in your Member Home area.

Advertise on clixGaloreTutor is the tutorial website for clixGalore Affiliate Marketing. It is where Merchants and Affiliates go to learn how to improve their program (probably like you are doing right now!). This site attracts a VERY targeted audience of people who are familiar with clixGalore and Affiliate Marketing and are looking to make money themselves. By advertising on this site you are hitting the core of your target market if you want to increase your Affiliate base.

Recruit Affiliates Yourself

If you would prefer to outlay time and recources rather than paying for an upgrade, then there are several ways you can go about researching and recruiting your own Affiliates for your program.

For starters, there are several web forums that Affiliates tend to frequent to talk about the issue affecting them and their industry. In many cases there is some avenue for asking if people would be interested in joining your Merchant program, either for free or through a paid announcement (make sure you are aware of the rules BEFORE you post as you may get accused of spamming these forums if you break those rules and you will most certainly put many potential Affiliates offside if you do that).

Affiliate Forum
Affiliates 4 U

You should also consider doing a search for individual Affiliates who you think would be able to do very well in your program with their existing sites. Just do a search at Google for the keywords related to the products or services that you sell. Many of the sites that come up in the search engine results will be your competitors, but some will also be information sites or Affiliate's sites. If you contact them directly with the contact information available on their website, then you may be able to persuade them to become an Affiliate of yours and display your advertising on their site.

If you do choose this option, then there are a few things to remember. A phone call or fax beats an email. Contacting them by phone will increase your chances of converting them into an Affiliate for your program. Unfortunately, many people just ignore emails. Be sure to research what their name is and a little about their site. Little things like that will increase your chances of a positive response.

Taking a proactive approach to building your base of Affiliates will steadily grow it over time. While it is nice to have a large base of Affiliates, it is also good to have at least a couple of outstanding achievers so quality is important too. Chasing both quality and quantity in your Affiliate base will typically leads to more sales, develop your program and its growing success.

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