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21 August 2015


One of the things about being an Affiliate is that it is necessary to keep up to date with a lot of information. You need to know what your own Merchants are doing, what is and isn't working in the Affiliate industry and quite importantly, which new Merchants are entering the Affiliate marketing world and which would be a good suit for your own marketing efforts.

clixGalore has devised an easy tool by which you can be informed of new Merchant programs as well as any programs that might match categories that you set. Here's how to use the "Merchant Program Matching" functionality.

Firstly you will need to log into your Affiliate account and go to "Affiliate Toolkit" in the menu and then "Build a Profile for Merchant Program Matching." The next screen will allow you to tell clixGalore what type of Merchants you wish to promote. It will also let you stipulate when you wish to be contacted about new Merchants who join clixGalore and match the profile you have set. (Note: This is a courtesy service - you will not be restricted to promoting only these Merchants or anything like that!)

Be sure to set the correct Affiliate program from your list that you wish to be matched against Merchants. (If you are unsure how to create seperate Affiliate profiles then be sure to check out our tutorial on that.) That is to say, you would want a health site matched to health merchants! You can set this with the drop down menu at the top of the page called, "Affiliate Program."

Next you can set the parameters of how you would like to be told about relevant and new Merchants. Use the drop down menus to set the timing of the emails you wish to receive (eg once per day or once per week) as well the the format you wish the emails to be sent in (eg. one email per Merchant program or all Merchant programs in one email).

email regularity How often do you want to receive emails?

Then set the type of programs you wish to find out about - ie. per sale, %sale, lead or PPC. You will also need to set the categories of the Merchants you wish you program to be matched against. Finally set the minimum payout levels that you are interested in. Be sure to hit the "Save Profile" button.

setty peof program What type of programs are you interested in?

You will now receive notification of relevant Merchants in the email according to your settings! (Note: If you select "Profile Deactivated" in the status drop down menu if you don't wish to receive emails.)

You will also notice that you can use the profile that you just created to do an immediate search for Merchants that match your specifications. Alternatively, you can use the "Bulk Join" feature to join several Merchants at the same time.

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