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21 August 2015


Many potential Affiliates contact clixGalore asking if they need to own a website in order to join the program and start promoting our Merchants. While it certainly makes things a lot simpler if you do have a website, the aim of this tutorial is to show you a few ways in which you might be eligible to join clixGalore without a website.

In short, the answer is no. You do not necessarily need a website to join clixGalore. We would however, mention that our best and most successful Affiliates all have websites and are very good at promoting them. If you think it will be easy to promote clixGalore Merchants without having a website then you will be very disappointed. We would also strongly recommend that you explore ways of building a website and using it to promote Merchants as the other ways of promoting Merchants are significantly more advanced and/or require a significantly higher dollar investment. Undertaking such methods can easily lead to your making a loss so we would highly recommend researching the methods thoroughly before starting out using them.

But let's say for now that you have some method to promote clixGalore Merchants without a website and you want to get started. So what do you put in the website form when you are signing up to clixGalore? Well you can more or less put anything, but the most logical thing to do is to put the site that you will be using most to promote clixGalore Merchants. If you are going to use Overture search marketing then put Overture. When you fill out the name of your site, be sure to put some unique identifier in the name such as your initials - "Overture - JMS" - this will stop cases of mistaken identity for Merchants and is a courtesy.

Now how exactly do people without a website go about promoting clixGalore Merchants? By far the most common strategy is to use search engine marketing and pay-per-click search engines. The granddaddy of PPC search engines at the moment is of course Google Adwords. Basically using PPC search engines as a method to promote Merchants involves paying for traffic to their sites on a per click basis and hoping that enough of those visitors purchase enough of the Merchant's products to make you a tidy profit. That sounds much easier than it is in reality. If you would like to know more about using clixGalore in conjunction with a PPC search engine then you should probably first take a look at our tutorial on using Google Adwords with clixGalore.

Another common strategy is using email lists to promote Merchants. The clixGalore tracking code can be placed in emails and sent to an email list. Of course these lists need to be totally spam law compliant or you risk violating clixGalore's Terms of Service for which you can be removed from the program, not to mention the problems associated with breaking laws. Now once again, this method requires planning and good execution in order to make a profit, as with any business.

The other main way that Affiliate promote Merchants without a website is offline promotion. Some clixGalore Affiliates promote a certain Merchant or product in various ways including taking out offline ads, telemarketing and face to face sales. Once again none of these methods necessarily require a website. But once again also, the methods do require a lot of planning and often some outlay that could be largely avoided simply by having and promoting a website.

Hopefully this has all given you a few ideas, but we would stress that the vast majority of people who make a decent income through clixGalore do it by owning and promoting a conventional website. If however, you would like to explore other avenues for promoting clixGalore Merchants then you know it is certainly possible.

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