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21 August 2015


If you are looking to get more Affiliates promoting your Merchant program, then one thing you really should consider putting in place is a 2nd tier to your existing program. A 2Tier Affiliate referral program will encourage Affiliates to recruit their associates to join your program and promote your products/services.

There are basically two ways that Affiliates can make their money. The first is by selling the products of Merchants directly to end users. The second way that many earn an income is by promoting Merchant programs to other Affiliates and collecting a second tier commission. They do this in many ways. Directories of Merchant programs are a popular way, as is teaching people how to become Affiliates and then making recommendations regarding which Merchant programs might be of interest. When other Affiliates that they have referred successfully promote your products/services and make some sales, then the person who referred them will earn a small commission based on the commisison paid to the Affiliate they have referred.

Another benefit to setting up a 2Tier Affiliate Referral program for your Merchant program is that you will get some extra free promotion too! clixGalore actively promotes 2Tier Merchant programs to their Affiliates at no additional cost. Many of our Affiliates are looking for these types of programs so we give them what they want!

So How does it Work?

It's easiest to use an example.

Let's say you have a product that sells for $100 and you offer a 10% commission and a 10% second tier commission.

The Affiliate A gets Affiliate B to sign up to your program.

Affiliate B generates a sale.

You would pay $10 to Affiliate B (10% of $100) and $1 to Affiliate A (10% of the $10 first tier commission) as the referrer.

The beauty of this system is that the Merchant will get more Affiliates and will only have to pay when the referred Affiliates start generating sales and the top tier Affiliates will be able to earn a passive income from referring Affiliates. Everybody wins!

So how do you set up a 2Tier Affiliate Referral Program?

Just log into your account and go to "2Tier Affiliate Referral Management" then to "Build / Edit a 2Tier Referral Program."

The next page will give you a brief explanation of how the system works.

As you can see from the graphic below, it is reasonable simple.

2tier Fill out all the settings of your 2 Tier Program

Input the details that you would like

We would recommend that you use the following text (or something similar) for the "Advertising Text" box.

Refer Affiliates to our Affiliate program and earn 5% based on the income earned from the Affiliates you refer.

The average referral commission that most Merchants offer is around 5% - that would make you competitive with other programs and attractive to Affiliates.

We also recommend that you select "yes" to get listed in our directory of 2Tier Merchant programs as many Affiliates will check that directory.

The only slightly tricky thing on that form is that you can provide EITHER Advertising Text OR a banner. You cannot fill in both sections.

At the bottom of that form, you will be provided with a URL. That is the URL that your 2nd tier Affiliates will have to sign up through if you want to put a link on your own site. You don't have to place it anywhere as your program will also be promoted from within the clixGalore network.

And that's it! After you have completed these steps, your 2 Tier program is ready!

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