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21 August 2015


Of course the first thing you have to do as an Affiliate is actually sign up for the clixGalore program! This brief tutorial will take you through the basics of getting started with clixGalore.

First up you will need to go to the homepage of clixGalore. If you would like to follow the steps as you are reading this tutorial then open up a new window. Just right click on the clixGalore link and select "Open in New Window" from the options.

On the front page you will see a "Sign Up" button for Affiliates/ Publishers. That's you! So click on the button. You should be presented with a form that has this at the top:

personal details The part of the form that requires your personal details looks like this.

The first line of the form asks for your PayPal address. PayPal is an American company that allows businesses and individuals to receive money on the internet. You will have to sign up for their service if you wish to receive your money from clixGalore. Your PayPal address (which is the email address you used to sign up for your PayPal account) is how clixGalore will pay you your commission, so make sure this one is correct on the clixGalore signup form.

After that type in your details such as your name and address in the text boxes provided. Remember that if something goes wrong, these are the details clixGalore will use to contact you to make sure you get your commissions so make sure everything is correct.

Next you will have to tell clixGalore a little about the website you will be primarily using to promote clixGalore Merchants. Now, you may have more than one website which is ok, but just fill in the form with your main site. Remember that some Merchant¡¯s may wish to see your site before they accept you into their program. Be as detailed in the description of your site/s as you can, without going over the word limit. Some Merchants will also use your description to judge whether or not you are suitable for their program. Finally select the categories of your site. Note: If you have many sites in many different categories, that is fine. You will be able to make different programs at a later point. Finally use the checkboxes to select which type of emails you want to receive from clixGalore.

site details This is the part of the form that you use to describe your website.

After that you will need to type in the emails address you wish to receive clixGalore correspondence to as well as selecting a clixGalore password. Be sure to keep your password in a safe place.

Finally, read the clixGalore Terms of Service. If everything looks ok to you then tick the checkbox and press the "Join clixGalore" button at the bottom of the page.

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