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21 August 2015


Did you know that some people really don't like clicking on online advertising links? Unfortunately this includes Affiliate links from your website! Some people think that up to 20% of Affiliate commission can be lost by people removing the Affiliate code to visit a website or simply by refusing to click on it. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to make sure that this problem is kept to a bare minimum and that you are rewarded for the work you put into your Affiliate site.

Add Value - The first trick of the trade is to add value to an Affiliate product. Simple giving a link with a "This is a good product" as a description will not often produce a very high click-through rate. You need to give the visitor some reason to click on that link! One obvious way is to do a review of the product and be honest about the things you like and don't like about it. That will hopefully pique the curiosity of your site visitor enough to click through to the Merchant site to take a look (and hopefully make a purchase). Some successful Affiliate sites are built around review a certain type of product, each of which has an Affiliate link so that the owner will get any commissions generated by their reviews.

Be Relevant - You should also remember to make sure that your advertising banners and Affiliate links are relevant! Having a banner promoting a Rugby Merchandise Merchant will not get a good click through rate on a website about food recipes. In most cases it would be a better option to choose to promote a merchant who offered a smaller commission, but was related to the theme of your site than it would be to promote a merchant who offered a more generous commission for an unrelated product or service.

Integrate Links - If the Merchant offers text links and allows Affiliates to place their own text, then it is a great opportunity to integrate those links into your site in almost any way you can imagine. Links that are integrated into the "look" of a site perform much better than those that stand out as obvious ads. Obviously you will need to weigh this up for application to the situation of your own site. For an example of how well text can be integrated into a website, you might want to look at the integration of Google¡¯s Adsense into the site at ¨C integration like that can lead to a very good click through rate if it is suitable for your site. The same type of integration can be done with clixGalore text links.

Hide the Rollover Address - You will notice when you scroll over a link that often the link address appears in the lower left corner of your browser. Some visitors see that the link is in fact an Affiliate link and so choose not to click on it. However, you can change what the browser displays quite easily. You just need to create a redirect like this:

1) Open Notepad
2) Type the following code:

phpcode Datafeed File Definition Table

Now save that file using a meaningful name as a php file. For example save it as mymerchantproduct.php

Now upload it to your site.

If you now point a link at that file, it will redirect the visitor to the merchant you are promoting via your Affiliate link ensuring you are paid for any sale. BUT if you rollover the link on your site, you will notice that in the bottom left corner of the browser it looks like it goes to a page from your site. Therefore the resistance to clicking on an Affiliate link is largely removed.

These few pieces of advice will ensure that your site is getting is optimum click through rate. In the end this will help ensure that you get all of the Affiliate commissions that you are entitled to and maximise your earnings. It also ensures that your site is working at maximum efficiency!

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