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21 August 2015


Why Use a Banner Rotator?

Banner Rotators are a great tool to help your Affiliate marketing efforts. They are easy to build and use and can help increase the transactions sent from your website. This tutorial will take you through exactly what a banner rotator is and how it can be used to improve your results.

What is a Banner Rotator? As the name suggests, a banner rotator is a graphic website banner that changes or rotates. They are often used by webmasters on sites and the fact that the banner changes keeps the look of the site changing. This avoids visitors to the site getting bored with having to look at the same ad every time they visit. When visitors get used to an ad, the click through rate on that ad often goes down. Having a new ad every time increases the click through rate and therefore your bottom line!

So how do you go about using a banner rotator? As with anything you should plan in advance. If you have a website about coffee, then a banner about football isn't going to draw many clicks, even with a banner rotator! Choose your theme. Your coffee website will perform best with ads about coffee, coffee machines, coffee cups, coffee shops etc etc. The first thing to do is search for Merchants in which your website visitors will have an interest and then join the program or each of those Merchants. When you are finished joining all of the programs that you think your visitors will be interested in then move onto the next step.

From the Member Home area, click on "Banner Rotation" and then on "Build Banner Rotation Profile" in the popup sub menu. A "Banner Rotation Profile" keeps all of the information about your banner rotator for future use such as which banners you want to display and when you want them displayed. On the next page you will see all of the information that you need for your new banner rotator. Select the program (your own) that you wish to build the banner rotator for from the drop down menu. As you will be building a new profile select "New Profile" from the next drop down menu. Name your profile (it's easiest to give it a name related to the site it will be used on such as

Next select your time zone. This will be used later if you wish to assign specific times for each banner to be displayed. More on that a little later.

set up the profile Select which banners you wish to be displayed in your banner rotator.

The Merchant Program drop down menu has a list of all the Merchants you have joined. Select a Merchant whose banner you wish to use in your banner rotator. All of the titles of their banners will appear in the left hand box. Highlight the banner you wish to use in that box and then press the arrow button to move it across to the right hand box. The box on the right displays a list of all of the banners that will eventually be in your banner rotator. You can use the "Up" and "Down" buttons on the right hand side to change the order of the banners (and thus the order in which they will be displayed). When you have finished adding all the banners that you want in your banner rotator, press the "Save Rotation Profile" button and go back to the member home area.

profile paremeters Set the parameters of your banner rotator.

Next you will want to schedule rotation times. This is a very powerful feature. You can use it to designate the exact time that each banner is shown. (That is why you set your time zone in the Banner Rotation Profile page.) For example you may wish to show the banner of a hangover cure in the morning when people are most likely to be thinking of how to recover from last night, whereas a banner to do with business services might be better advertised during the day when people are using the internet from work. A little research on the internet into buying habits should be able to tell you when the best times for different products is.

From the member home area go to "Banner Rotation" and then to "Schedule Rotation Times." Select the profile that you created in the previous steps from the drop down menu and a new page will automatically load. The default setting for banner profiles is to let all banners to display at all times. You need to tell clixGalore when to NOT display on a certain banner by clicking on the corresponding square that represents the time (you will need to do this for each banner). The time is represented by 24 blocks, each corresponding to 24 hour time.

banner rotation times Set the banner rotation times.

When you are finished, click on the "Save Details" button at the bottom of the page. Now go back to the member home area. Then go to "Banner Rotation" and then to "Build Banner Rotation Profile" in the popup sub-menu. Select the profile that you created in the previous steps. At the bottom of the page, click on the "View Rotation Tracking Code" button. A popup window will show you the code that needs to be placed into the html of your website. When you have done that, you are finished!

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