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21 August 2015


As a Merchant you are hopefully going to be getting a lot of requests from Affiliates who want to join your program. If you have followed the other advice on this site about how to set up your program then you should get a very good response indeed. Some Merchants like to approve everyone who applies to their program and some people prefer to accept only Affiliates who fit a certain profile. This tutorial will go through how you go about accepting or declining Affiliates as well as the reasoning behind these decisions.

When you sign up for a new account, you will be given the option to automatically approve all Affiliates who apply to join your program or to manually approve or decline each application. To set or alter this option, you should simply log into your account. Then go to "Program Maintenance" in the main menu. Then click on "Edit Merchant Program / Banners" in the popup sub-menu. (If you are using the basic Member Home View then just click on "Edit Merchant Program Details"). On the next page click on the name of the program you wish to alter. On the following page is a checkbox called "Automatically Accept Affiliate Requests to Join Your Program." Check or uncheck this box according to the preference you wish to make. On this page you can also set the system to alert you via email every time a new Affiliate applies to join your program.

autoapprove Auto Approve all Affiliate applications with this option.

If you elect to automatically approve all Affiliate requests then you are done! You don't need to do anything else.

If you have set the option to manually approve all Affiliate requests to join your program then you are going to have to log in regularly to update the status of Affiliate applications to approved or declined. To do that you simply have to log in and go to "View Requests to Join Program / Affiliate Rates." Select the relevant options from the drop down menus and then hit the "Retrieve Requests" button. You will presented with a list of Affiliates who have applied to join your program. You will need to set the drop down menu next to each of those applications to either "Approved" or "Declined." Then hit the "update Affiliate Requests" Button. You can also remove any Affiliate from you program at any time, using this same screen.

decline request Decline an Affiliate Request.

Why would I Decline Affiliate Applications?

There are several reasons that you might like to consider manually approving Affiliate applications to your program.

If you are running a lead program then it is a very good idea to try to keep the highest possible standard of Affiliates in your program. Many lead program Merchants will accept only Affiliates from certain geographical regions (usually the same as the Merchant's). Some will also only accept Affiliates from within a certain category related to the Merchant's category. It can also be a good idea to check out the information supplied by the Affiliates about themselves in order to make sure you are comfortable having that particular Affiliate promoting your lead program. It is unlikely that a an Affiliate with a site about computer games will produce quality leads for a financial institution for example (though this is not always true). In short, if you are running a lead program then you should only allow people into your program who you are absolutely 100% comfortable with.

If you are running a %Sale of Per Sale program then you are in a slightly better position. These types of programs are extremely secure and you could be reasonably confident of letting all Affiliate applications be approved automatically and having no problems. Some Merchants still opt to vet Affiliates according to their category and geographical location, though in most sale programs this strategy would potentially cost you sales. In most cases, it would be unnecessary for an sales program to decline Affiliate applications.

As with any advice, you need to consider the circumstances of your own program before acting on it and come to your own conclusions. As usual, if you need to clarification on an issue, or are unsure how to proceed then just contact the clixGalore customer service team for advice.

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