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21 August 2015


One common theme of internet marketing is giving your prospect a seamless experience in helping them take the action that you want them to. This tutorial will focus on the tools that will help you provide potential Affiliates with a seamless experience when signing up to your Affiliate program.

We're going to assume that you want as many Affiliates to sign up to your program as possible. While many of those Affiliates will come out of the Affiliate pool of clixGalore and will find your program on the clixGalore site or via some other clixGalore promotion, it is also a good idea to alert visitors to your own site that you have a clixGalore Affiliate program. This maximises your chances of having new Affiliates find your program.

clixGalore provides Merchants with the functionality to seamlessly integrate your Affiliate signup page with your website in order to give your potential new Affiliate an easy experience in joining your program. Making it as easy as possible for your Affiliates to sign up means you will retain the maximum amount of Affiliates. Making it a seamless experience will ensure that none will give up half way through the signup process.

The way this works, is that you build a page on the clixGalore server that looks the same as the pages of your own website using the simple customization tool provided by clixGalore.

Firstly, you will need to log into your clixGalore Merchant account. Then just go to "Program Maintenance" in the Merchant Programs menu and then to "Customize Affiliate Signup Pages" in the popup sub-menu.

On the next page you will be able to input the required characteristics of the page you wish to build for your customized Affiliate signup page. You will probably want it to be as close as possible to the look of your own website so you will need to know a little about your own site, such as the color codes and where the appropriate banners are on your own server (to find this out just go to your own site and use your mouse to right-click on the banner and then select "properties" - it will give you the URL of that banner.)

Be sure to fill in all of the requested information on this page. There are places to define the colors of your Affiliate Signup page as well as the header, footer and other relevant graphics that you can insert on it. Don't forget to also put in your homepage address URL and then press the "Save Details" button.

After you press this button, a link will appear at the top of the page in the second row ¨C "Page Link to Use." The link that appears there is the URL of the Affiliate signup page that you just built! You will now need to link to that page from your own site ¨C usually by use of the link that Affiliates follow that says "Sign Up" or something similar.

If you are not happy with the look of your newly built Affiliate signup page, simply go back and change the settings.

Now, hopefully Affiliates will be able to click through to this page without even realising that they have left your site. This will decrease their resistance to signing up and provide them with a seamless Affiliate signup process for your program.

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