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21 August 2015


The time may come when you want to branch out from only promoting products that are directly related to your main website. Many successful Affiliates have many sites that they use to promote in several different niches. If that is the way you also wish to go then this tutorial will give you the scoop on what you need to do inside your clixGalore Affiliate account to make sure everything is organised.

When you start a new account with clixGalore you will notice that the system asks for the categories of your website. This is for several reasons. Firstly it helps Merchants decide who they wish to allow into their program by allowing them to reject Affiliates from certain categories. (This also allows them to target their branding). The second reason is that allows Affiliates to keep their own records in a neat manner and also target their own applications to Merchant programs in a manner that gives them the best chance of being accepted into a program (ie a health related site has a better chance of being accepted to a health related merchant than an affiliate whose site is about computers).

If you have a new website in a different niche from your others you may wish to set up your Affiliate program to reflect this. Here is how you go about adding your new website. Firtsly log into your account and in the Affiliate Programs Menu go to "Edit / Add Affiliate Program Details or Website." On the next page, make sure that "New Affiliate Program" is selected from the drop down menu. Then juts go ahead and fill in the details for your new site. The most important things for this form (besides getting your URL correct) are the description and the keywords.

affiliate programSelect "New Affiliate Program" from the drop down menu.

With the description you will want to give as much information as possible. Remember that you are trying to sell yourself to a Merchant (not the end customer) in this description so give them the information that they wish to hear. Has your site won any awards or had some mentions in the media? Are a lot of other sites linking back to you as an authority in your niche? How old is your site (th older, the better). Things like this will often impress Merchants so that they are more inclined to accept you into their program. Make this area as rich in content as possible.

The next area that is important is keywords. That is because Merchants can also use this area for finding matching Affiliates. You will want to also make this area a priority by brainstorming as many keywords as you can think of. Most websites should be able to think of at least 100 keywords that could in som way relate to their website. That should be a minimum!

Finally, don't forget to select the categories of your new site. Remember that you want to be specific enough to appeal to Merchants in a single niche, yet broad enough that you don't get excluded from other programs because you don't fit their niche. You will need to use your own judgement about you site with regards to that.

affiliate programThe description and keywords can be important for helping Merchants make up their minds about you.

IMPORTANT: Remember that clixGalore does not accept any incentivised sites into their network as Affiliates. That means that you cannot register "paid to surf", "paid to read email" sites, "paid to click" sites or auto-surf sites. If you register any of these type of sites you risk having your account suspended by clixGalore so it is safer to just not do it!

After you have saved your new account settings, go back to the member home area. You will notice that when you attempt to join new Merchant Programs you will now be presented with s drop down box asking which of your programs/sites you wish to apply with. This will help you both increase your chances of being accepted and allow you extra flexibility in your reporting options when you start making sales! Good luck!

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